If you're new to the realty world, you might find it best for your career to begin buying and selling houses in a bustling and eclectic city – why not try Chicago? Not only is this city one of the biggest in the United States, but it constantly has an influx of new residents due to new job openings, colleges, and moving back home to see family. Since people continue moving to the Windy City year in and year out, this is a great spot for you to start to begin your realty career and break into the competitive housing market. 

But where should you recommend for clients to look if you are working as a realtor in Chicago? Should you recommend the busy downtown area, even though it can sometimes cost a fortune for a small studio apartment? Instead of recommending the same-old neighbors that people may already know, let’s see a few recommendations that can help people save money – while still featuring all of their must-haves for their new home and neighborhood. 

Use property management in Chicago to find up-and-coming neighborhoods in the area

By looking for up-and-coming neighborhoods in Chicago and houses that would work with your budget and size needs, you can find the ideal home that won't break the bank. Let’s see a few options for inexpensive neighborhoods that still contain a nice family vibe, amenities, and the perfect size for you and your family. 


This neighborhood is located just north of Logan Square in the Chicago area, featuring mainly small apartments and multi-unit housing. This is the perfect place for young professionals and partners who are looking to find a small – but modern – space that is close to nearby restaurants, cafes, and bars. 


The second neighbourhood that you can consider is Edgewater, a neighborhood that is situated between Ravenswood and Uptown. For those who want to live in a diverse area that is reminiscent of what a city should really be like, Edgewater has a diverse community that features many restaurants, outdoor amenities, markets, and low-rise buildings. 


The third area to look at if you are working for property management Chicago is Pilsen. This is one of the best inexpensive neighborhoods in the city since it is only minutes away from the bustling downtown area, making it a great choice for those who commute to work day in and day out. If you are interested in the artistic crowd and looking for an unpretentious multi-unit building, this is the place to be. 

Humboldt Park

The last area to consider with property management in Chicago is Humboldt Park, located close to Logan Square Wicker Park. With a lively and friendly atmosphere, this is the ideal spot for young professionals to find an inexpensive place in a multi-unit building.


If you are working for property management in Chicago, you need to be able to work with a diverse clientele. Some people may have enough money to find a downtown apartment, whereas others are young professionals who can only afford small apartments in multi-unit buildings. In this case, we recommend checking out Edgewater, Humboldt Park, Pilsen, and Avondale for neighborhoods. 

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