Although mobile search rankings and backlink building were incredibly popular during the entire year, these are not the only topics that are worth looking into. Things are very interesting in the Russian internet segment – its leader Yandex is slowly, but inevitably losing its ratings in favor of the internet giant – Google.

One of the more interesting events of the year is without any doubts the sanctioning of purchased SEO backlinks by Yandex. The new Minusinsk algorithm that was specifically designed for this purpose is actually very sophisticated and self-learning, so it appears that purchased SEO

Backlinks may become extinct in the near future.

Backlink exchange is dying, but continues to fight and invests a ton of efforts into trying to Nevertheless, even though the backlink exchange services are in agony, some sellers are still trying their best to stay on top. They tend to use mailing and demonstrate successful cases, they offer discounts and promotions. The diversification of business is very apparent at that stage.

Still, natural backlinks are far more popular these days. There was even a competition called “Natural backlink 2015”. It was arranged by Yandex and it demonstrated that many webmasters (27%) actually consider that natural backlinks are the ones that come from forums and reviews.

Another popular tendency is the expansion of mobile traffic. Liveinternet statistics demonstrates that 58% of Russian internet traffic is actually used by the mobile gadgets.

The multiscreen marketing is already very popular and it will continue to expand in the future years. Optimizing websites for mobile devices is necessary, seeing how the desktop traffic is becoming less and less useful. Mobile devices are popular among every age group, which makes them perfect platforms for the target audience.

Safe https protocol was also a popular trend this year and it was actually heavily promoted by Google itself. Many people wanted to transfer their web resources on https, but the benefits of such protection are at times rather doubtful.

Social media is going to turn into a very important factor in the future. Social content is going to be more popular than the standard web pages and it is important to work with social media in order to boost your online ratings.

Overall, a lot is changing in the SEO industry and it is very important to take notes in order to make the most from search engine optimization.

Source: russianseo.guru

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