As the weather gets warmer and we learn how to come together after last year’s pandemic safely, the smell of grilled meat starts to permeate the spring air again. You may have missed out on backyard barbecues last season, so you need to make up for it this year. Of course, you want to find a way to make it your own and come up with that one thing that you will be remembered for. Here are some tips on how to make your food stand out at the next family cookout.

Unique Recipes

There is absolutely nothing wrong with staples like hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, and fruit salad. However, if you want to stand out, try bringing something new. You could always go the route of getting a more expensive cut of meat, but coming up with a unique recipe can help you stand out even more. Bringing pork with a homemade barbecue sauce or a steak with your very own marinade complete with secret ingredient can really help your food stand above the rest.

It’s All in the Details

People not only taste food, but they see it, smell it, and feel it, too. Put in the extra effort to add some flair to the result of your meal. A charcoal grill puts those tasty grill marks on burgers and steaks that you won’t get from an electric grill. You should also choose a crusty, sturdy Kaiser bun that will taste better and hold your sandwich together better than standard buns. Getting fresh baked buns can really help your burgers or pulled pork sandwiches stand out from the rest. Finding that one thing that will help you stand out and have family members remember can make a big difference. 


People set the table and plate food mindfully when eating indoors at the dining room table. Presentation doesn’t go out the window simply because you are outdoors! Putting a little extra effort to make your food look good would really help them stand out. If you’re doing chicken skewers for example, make sure to consider how you layer the veggies and meat. It isn’t always a big thing, but making your food look good means that people will remember it better.

If you get excited by food and warm weather, this is your time. Embrace it and make the most out of each and every cookout. Whatever you do, though, stay safe. Make sure that you are taking local safety precautions into consideration still. Doing so will mean you can get back to having a memorable experience and enjoy the warm weather with your family once again.

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