Are you looking to make a career change? Are you over 50 and unsure about where to start? Are you concerned that people will overlook you for younger candidates? Then you need to stop right there and recognize that you have far more to offer and you should be going into those job interviews just oozing with confidence. Whether you are interested in OBGYN job openings or working in your local store, we are here to help you to get that spring back into your step as we share with you how to make that change and land your dream job.

Let’s face up to it and get it out into the open up front. Some people are still discriminating against older candidates when they are hiring. We know it and we are doing all that we can to fight ageism in the workplace. It should not happen, but it is a hurdle that you might face. The best way to overcome this is by removing the barrier yourself when you apply for jobs and attend interviews. In order to do this, you might need to shift your own mindset first and then demonstrate to your potential employer why you will be perfect for that dream role. 

Age is irrelevant, but experience counts

This first point is to serve as a reminder to you. You might not need this, you might be well aware that you have a lot to offer and any company would be fortunate to have you. 

For those of you who are still getting their head around moving into a new role or starting on a new career path when you are over 50, this needs to become your new mantra. Age is irrelevant, but experience counts. Your age has no bearing on your ability to carry out your job, but that wealth of experience is a great plus point so wear your experience with pride. 

Take up some new courses

If you are looking to advance your career or move into an entirely new field, then now is a good time to take up some new courses.

Take a look around at what is available to you within your field of interest and then carry out a little research. 

You will want a better understanding of all that the course involves and look into reviews written by previous students. If it looks good to you, then it is worth making a few phone calls to relevant employers to find out how useful and well-respected the qualification would be in your potential new role. 

Pack that resume out with your career highlights

The advantage that you have over younger candidates here is that you are likely to have much more to say about your experience, both at work and in life. Do not underrate this, this is your greatest asset so show it off, create the perfect resume and pack it with your career highlights. 

You can draw on your various roles and projects to fully demonstrate your skill set and suggest how these might work well within your new career choice. 

Career breaks are highly beneficial

Do not be concerned about gaps in your employment, these can be termed career breaks and we are quite sure that you were busy during those periods.

For many of us, we might have taken a few years out of the workplace to raise our children. During that time you will have gathered and practiced many transferable skills, from organizing school events to multitasking, so list those and talk openly and positively about your career break and how you feel it has enhanced your abilities as a candidate. 

During the interview

This is your opportunity to elaborate on why you are so keen to work within this role so let your enthusiasm shine through. Make it clear to the interviewer why you want this job and why you feel you would be perfect for it.

Some potential employers can be concerned that you will be difficult to manage due to your wealth of experience. Whilst this is absolutely their issue and not yours, it will serve you well to allay that fear.

Show enthusiasm for any training and coaching that you will be provided with and a clear willingness to take direction from them. You should also be clear about salary expectations lest they make assumptions around this. 

We hope that you have found this useful and we wish you the best of luck in landing that dream job. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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