Innocent people, especially children, continue to pay a heavy price after a decade of unceasing conflict in Syria. The Syrian crisis has caused the largest displacement of people worldwide with over 5.5million registered refugees. The numbers have increased greatly since the COVID-19 pandemic with approximately 20.6 million people, including 6.1 million children needing assistance.

Read on to learn how to help Syrian Refugees when you have no money to give.

Work as a Volunteer in the Refugee camps

You can show your support to the Syrian refugees by taking the time to help them with their daily activities. You can join volunteer groups, such as the International Red Cross Movement, to help in food distribution in the refugee camps. In addition to this, you can offer assistance to the Syrian Refugees who need medical assistance; children have to be immunized, and the wounded need treatment and care.

When you do not understand someone‘s language, it is hard to offer much help. If you are bilingual and have studied Arabic, you also can help with translations in the camp. You can help to communicate other needs that the refugees have so that they can be assisted. 

Refugees are forced to leave the comfort of their homes with nothing, and they experience great hardships when settling in a foreign country. If there is someone who speaks their language in the new environment, they will feel less intimidated. By studying their language, you can give them comfort, reassurance, and help them understand their rights in the foreign land.

If you are an attorney, offering to help the refugees with their immigration status and navigating the new law system will aid them to settle in fast and start rebuilding their lives. You can also share their stories if you are a journalist, to help people understand their plight and accept them.

You can offer assistance if you have these skills or any other one that you feel the refugees will benefit from.

Welcome them into your community

You can help the Syrian refugees settle into your community comfortably by giving them a home to live in, guiding them on how to enroll their children in the different schools in the area, or you can help by introducing them to different people living in the neighborhood. 

Giving them a warm welcome will help them get a sense of belonging, and this will fasten their healing and moving on from their tragedy.


You can donate basic needs such as food, clothing, sanitary towels, and other toiletries to help the refugees. People also donate their tents, beds, and blankets to help shelter the refugees from the harsh weather and protect them at night. Donating extra cups, plates, and cooking pots that you have in your storage is also another way of helping Syrian refugees.

You can give your donations to the International Red Cross movement, White Helmets (Syrian Civil Defense), or the International Rescue Committee.

In conclusion, offering your help will empower Syrian refugees in crisis and make it easy for them to rebuild their lives. You are now informed on how to help Syrian refugees even without money, go ahead and make a positive impact.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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