How To Grow Your Online Sales With Limited Resources

Like many small and large businesses, increasing your sales is your ultimate goal. With the steady rise in online retails, reaching a 21.3% penetration rate in 2020, this is the best time to take your business online. Whether you run a small family business or a large ecommerce store, increasing your sales via your digital channels can be more complicated than it seems. However, there are several ways to grow your online sales without running down your budget. Whether you run a physical hardware store or a service-delivery business, here are seven actionable ways to quickly improve your online sales performance.

Deliver superior quality content

Content is king, which means creating high-quality content is essential for your business blog or product description. Your content should focus on creating user engagement and offer your customer what they are craving. Information should be delivered to increase your customers’ interaction and generate sales leads. It is vital to avoid text blocks and make your language easy to grasp from the start to keep readers interested. Customers are more likely to purchase your products or services when they stay longer on your page.

Remaining factual with your information is one aspect you should keep in mind, particularly in the present “fake news” era where information is easily tossed around. Your business must appear as a legitimate source of information. This way, your customers will see you as trusted and authoritative, which will grow your company's reputation.


If your website is not mobile-friendly, you might probably lose half of your potential customers and reduce sales leads. Statistics suggest that 54% of internet users make purchases via their smartphones and tablets, which is why you should have a mobile version of your website. Creating a mobile-friendly website will require a few adjustments to your website, including;

  • Adding tappable elements for easy touch and click
  • Ensuring easy navigation and functionality
  • Mobile optimized images
  • Avoid flash videos

Fortunately, making your website mobile-friendly wouldn't require you to break the bank. There are several adjustments and modifications like image resizing, menu bar redesigning, and others you can complete yourself. If you need to determine how your website appears on mobile, you may have to shrink your pc internet browser by altering your screen height and width.

Be candid in your sales copy.

This may appear sorely obvious; however, it is surprising how websites advertise items they can't sell. Honesty isn't only vital for your business branding, but it helps to promote brand trust. This rule should likewise apply to how your business is structured. It is common to find websites operated by two or more people yet feature sales copy suited for a multinational company. This does not only make you look clueless but harms your business credibility. If you own a small business, take the utmost pride and be forthright about it, as many customers and businesses are turning to modest companies for more personalized services. 

While it is tempting to make claims you can't validate, you should avoid it to win your customers’ trust and loyalty. The present customers are susceptible to marketing BS, so be straightforward, direct, and agreeable in your sales copy, beginning from your landing page and email campaigns. Regarding email campaigns, it is helpful to understand the exact metrics behind your market campaigns, such as conversation rate, open rate, email KPIs-CTR, and bounce rate. This helps you explore various strategies to promote your online business growth and brand visibility.

Social media integration

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One significant aspect regarding social media is how much power your business can acquire without spending any cash. It is free to create a social media profile on most platforms and introduce your business to many potential customers. According to Statista, 82% of the US population had at least one social media profile in 2021, a figure that represented a 2% increase from last year. 

However, this doesn't suggest that it is enough to create an Instagram or Facebook business page and wait in the hope that people will miraculously see and rush to it. As the name suggests, you'll have to participate on the platform and get social. If you need some assistance with social media integration, here are four simple tips to get started.

  • Don't skip images

Graphics create more engaging content than just text. When posting social media content, ensure to attach a video or images. For example, Twitter videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than just an image, just as LinkedIn posts with images receive 200% more interaction than ordinary text.

  • Post meaningful content

Avoid sharing random content. Share content your audience will be interested in. This may include sharing another website post or engaging relevant Twitter profiles or posts. However, ensure they are related to your niche or industry.

  • Include social buttons on the website

Presently, almost all websites have social sharing buttons added to their content. Add social buttons to your products and services too. You can never be sure who's surfing through your pages and may share your content with their followers.

Be a show-off

Customer feedback has never been crucial like the present social media age. Fortunately, your satisfied consumers are a uniquely effective tool for a successful marketing campaign. An army of pleased customers is far more influential than even the best-crafted sales copy. It is vital to add the overflowing testimonials and reviews to the forefront of the marketing efforts. You can have them attached to your landing, product, or pricing pages. The addition of these trust indicators can be excellent for increasing your online sales by creating a positive brand perception in the minds of present and potential clients.

Form a sense of urgency

There is no principle against using a sense of urgency as a persuasion tool to get people to make buys. This is why it is essential to be straightforward and transparent about your business and what you offer. The majority of customers positively respond to incentives built around an urgency sense. These could be either time-sensitive offers or limited-edition items.  

Although achieving this could be as distinct as products you can purchase online, some techniques could be more effective than others. Assuming you can't offer a limited-edition item to allure customers, you may provide a financial package like discounts and free shipping to immediately urge your customer to make their purchases. Besides, there are ad platforms you can utilize to create a displayed countdown on your discount offers and limited-time sales.

Collaborate with complementary businesses

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Networking is an excellent use of your time and efforts. Creating a mutually benefiting relationship with other businesses can offer exceptional results. It is an effective way to get your business in front of prospective audiences you never knew existed. Networking requires nothing but your efforts. It includes reaching out to individuals and companies in your industry who are not competing for the same customers. 

Indeed, several large businesses collaborate to expand their brand reach. For instance, Samsung collaborates with Google to build android smartphones. This offers Samsung access to the operating system while allowing the search engine giants to run the product. Either party profits from every deal.   

Not everyone has the millions to invest in growing their business. However, you can boost your online sales and brand visibility without straining your finances. All you require is the know-how, effort, and imagination to increase your online business presence. While the above tips are not all-encompassing, they should get you started immediately.

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