If you’re always complaining about the speed of your internet service or are frustrated by the service you are currently getting, it may be time to evaluate your internet provider. While moving internet providers is undoubtedly an option, it might be just as good an idea to try to haggle for a better deal with your current provider.

While the prices of broadband are increasing each year, competition between internet providers is also getting much more competitive. It can be hard to decide on which internet provider to stay with, and when it is time to move on to another company. In much the same way as phone companies value and reward customer loyalty, so too do broadband providers. This is why staying with your internet provider, rather than switching may be a better option for you. Do make sure you’re getting what you pay for and see if you can’t haggle your way to a better internet deal. 

If you call your provider up and state that you are not happy with your current deal, or level of service, then you may just be offered a deal as an incentive to make you stay. If you also mention the fact that a rival company is offering a better deal than your current one, and you are considering moving, this will equally incentivize your current internet provider to match or raise this offer.  

Far too often, companies take advantage of the loyal customer who never questions the deal they are paying for, let alone assess if another provider could offer them a better deal. The customer usually wants to avoid as much bother as possible. If that means sticking with the status quo, then that may be good enough for some people. If you don’t want to be taken for granted by your internet provider, then you are well within your right to haggle to see if you can get a better deal for your money. 

Get through to the right people

Make sure that you ask to speak with the customer retention team, and not just the customer service member of staff, as the customer retention team will be able to offer you more for your money than the first person you speak to. Often knowing what to say before you talk with a member of staff will give you better leverage. Equally, being able to anticipate what they will likely offer, you will allow you to prepare to haggle for a better deal.

Switch your TV to an online service

Most of us will have used online streaming services at one point or another. The move from terrestrial television to exclusively online screening services is the natural progression of our use of technology in all aspects of our life. 

troypoint.com discussed IPTV – Internet Protocol Television, which provides hundreds to thousands of channels and replaces the standard satellite channels available. Instead of having to pay for satellite channels, you can save money by using your internet to fill the space of your television.

Don’t say yes to the first offer you get 

Your internet provider is trained to try to minimize the amount of money they will have to give up on any given customer. They will not offer you their best deals unless you ask for it. Know your worth and the value of your business. Otherwise, take it elsewhere. 

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