Millions of people have already succumbed to the irresistible lure of an online web log (aka, a blog). Chances are, you are one of them, those people commonly referred to as “bloggers.” But would it surprise you to learn that in addition to posting online entries on virtually any subject you can imagine, you can also earn a little money for your missives?

It's true! You can get paid to blog. You won't ever make enough money from your blogging to quit your day job or pay for a fancy sports car or dream vacation-but if you're already sharing your written thoughts, ideas and inspirations for free, why not get paid to blog instead? And if you haven't started a blog yet, perhaps now is the perfect time to get your feet wet in the wild world of blogging.

So where do you go to get paid to blog?

How To Blog For Bucks 1Blogit.com is the only website I know of that actually pays you for the pleasure of blogging. There may well be others, but I have not come across them. I wasn't even actively searching for a place to blog when I stumbled across this unique site. However, once I took a look at what went on at Blogit, I was like a moth to the flame. I loved the idea of getting instant feedback from other writers; I was intrigued by the prospect of “meeting” people from all walks of life, and from every corner of the globe. I immediately quit writing in my paper journal, and I became a blogger.

How does it work?

Blogit charges a monthly fee to everyone who joins the site. Each month, half of the fee goes to the owners, and the other half is divided among the bloggers each member reads, on a percentage basis. So the more readers you attract to your blog (s), the more money you will earn each month.

How much can you make?

I've been blogging at Blogit for almost three years. In that time I have earned just shy of $1,000 from my blogs. When you subtract the monthly membership fee, blogging has netted me around $800. Like I said, it's not much. However, it is $800 more than I would have in my bank account if I had chosen to start a blog at one of the free blogging sites, such as Blogger, Blogspot or LiveJournal.

Why give away your musings if you can earn a little pocket change from your blog? There are other bloggers on the site who have earned much more than I have, simply because what you earn is directly influenced by the amount of time you are willing (and able) to devote to updating your blogs and schmoozing with other bloggers.

What can you write about on Blogit?

The sky's the limits. Bloggers on Blogit post their entries in one of several dozen categories-ranging from Arts & Entertainment, Journal, Fiction, Home & Garden, Opinion, Pets, Poetry, Politics, Religion, and more. If one of those doesn't suit the contents of your blog, there's an Everything Else category as well.

Each blog consists of multiple entries listed in reverse chronological order that includes a title, date, and time stamp. Post as often as you like, in as many blogs as you want, and watch your earnings grow! Most of all, have fun with your blogs. But beware-blogging has been known to be a highly addictive and time consuming hobby. Don't blame me if you find yourself sitting at your computer all night long, blogging your fingers to the bone.

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