Last year saw the worst viral outbreak in over 100 years as Coronavirus struck every nation on the globe. With over 1,800,000 global deaths heading into 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic is at its peak, despite the news of vaccines from multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers.

However, as we head into the new year of 2021, the world is ready to tackle the virus head-on as we learn more about it each day. The virus is being attacked in various ways that include:

  • Medical resupply
  • Frontline Staff
  • Vaccines

These three key areas are now poised to turn the tide of the mass pandemic as we optimistically begin a new year.

Medical Resupply

When the virus first broke out, the world wasn’t ready for it. Not one bit. Shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) meant that those suffering from the virus couldn’t be treated as medical staff would be at extreme risk of exposure.

The high transmission rate meant that from day one the medical world was playing catch up to the deadliest virus in living memory. Most countries were overwhelmed but hopeful while Revsuppliance and other medical resupply organizations worked tirelessly to supply basic protection from Covid-19 with devices such as face masks, ventilators and disposable garments.

Very quickly, although, sadly, not quickly enough, the medical world eventually caught up to the spread of Covid and managed to contain it among hospitals and other facilities. The general population hasn’t been so fortunate though.

Frontline Staff

Although the virus was mostly contained once enough PPE arrived, many frontline medical staff including paramedics, doctors and nurses fell victim to the savage and unforgiving disease. Medical professionals were among the first to perish in the pandemic as they attend to patients without even the most basic protection. 

Of course, the term “frontline staff” doesn’t just refer to medical professionals. Teachers, public figures and food store staff all put their own health at risk in order to continue to serve their respective countries. US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson both contracted the disease, with Johnson reportedly almost dying as he lay in intensive care at a London hospital.


In late 2020, news of an approved vaccine broke headlines all over the world as the United Kingdom became the first to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine developed in partnership with the two pharmaceutical companies. 

However, the vaccine took another two weeks to be approved by USFDA in America, putting a delay on orders for American citizens. This has been further delayed to some countries by the fact this vaccine needs to be stored at a very specific temperature and therefore requires specialized transportation.

Meanwhile, Russia has had its Sputnik V vaccine approved by many health administrations the world over including Hungary, South Korea and Turkey. In recent weeks, a new vaccine developed by the British company AstraZeneca in conjunction with Oxford University has been approved in the United Kingdom which has boosted hopes of a comprehensive rollout program for early 2021. This vaccine reportedly doesn’t require the strict transportation conditions of Pfizer-BioNTech’s initial product. 

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