Whether you’re playing basketball online, soccer, rugby, hockey or football, playing any sport online is a great way to have fun for both youngsters and adults. There is no question about it.

Online games are so embedded in American culture that kids between the ages 6 and 17 make them a must-have part of their growing up rites. And it’s also a big plus that at some point they’d want to transform what they play online into the real thing. Even casino games online are a large part of culture among those of legal age to play.

Because playing an organized sport is a great way for both kids and adults to not only stay in shape but also build close relationships. Another benefit that many people don’t realize is that playing online games can prepare you for individual or team sports in the real world, where you can become a professional athlete and thus end up making a lot of money. We have put below several ways playing games online can help prepare you for particular sports in the real world:

1. Online games teach the value of accomplishing goals

Every player has a single objective in mind. Scoring. When you play an online sport, you have your goal set out. Then, as both an individual player and a team, you learn what you must do to reach your goal, which means a score. No matter what sport you'll end up into, you’ll learn how to set reachable goals.

2. Online sports help develop determination and perseverance

It’s no secret that playing against a much better or stronger team can be riddled with discouragement and disappointment. And every time they score against you, the humiliation and hurt you must endure. But online sports can help you develop a steely determination and perseverance, and a better way to counter moves from the opposing team.

3. Online sports teach about strategizing

When it comes to scoring success, nothing beats a team strategy. And how to follow through. When you learn about strategizing online, it will be easy to do the same when you play in the National Football League, or Major League Baseball World Series. No matter the position you end up playing, whether linebacker or quarterback, you’ll need to develop a strong understanding of coordinating with other teammates to craft a winning strategy. And because this is the real thing, a coach will be available to enforce the strategy as well as offer other technical advice.

4. Online sports teaches respect to other players

Compliance and coordination go hand in hand in online sports as well as in the real world. You may not have an online coach, but that should not diminish your respect for your online soccer teammates. It’s impossible to score a goal if you can’t demonstrate respect for both your teammates and coaches. Sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds, but when you accept to play in a team sport, you learn to make passes even to teammates you don’t agree with.

5. Online sports teach the value of active aggression

In sports, aggression is a characteristic that can have both negative and positive effects on performance. Active aggression is defined as any form of dynamic behavior that is designed to eliminate competition and achieve success. Examples can be NFL where raw energy and aggression are the key ingredients required to win any primary game.

6. Online sports teach the value of losing gracefully and accepting defeat

Losing online has value just the same way to succeed online has value. So, winning in real time has value just the same way losing in real time has value. There will always be the thrill of winning, and the agony of defeat. And learning how to handle both can be a valuable characteristic in every athlete. As you expect, the winning team will experience a variety of emotions in varying degrees of intensity. They may feel ecstatic, confident, superior, happy, and satisfied.

Equally, the losing team experiences its array of emotions ranging from depression, distraught, anger, resentment, frustration, tears, and the worst that can happen even trashing a room.

Learning to control you losing when playing online games can have a huge effect on how you react the moment the whistle is blown, and your team ends up losing. Some losers keep their feelings to themselves while others will openly wail and end up disconcerting their teammates thus aggravating the embarrassment and shame of losing.

But if you have a previous history of losing while playing online, this can help cushion the crushing agony

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