With up-gradation in SEO algorithms by Google, things are getting tougher. Getting a good rank is now costing more labour and expertise. Since the requirements keep changing, it becomes hard to keep up with the pace of up-gradation. But certain strategies never get old, and with time and enhancement of these factors, it will be easy to dominate the Google Search results.

By optimizing the content:

One of the most important strategies is to keep your content optimized. A good website should have an ample number of related keywords, and the content must be original, unique and loaded with unexaggerated information.

When a user enters a search phrase or word, the Google bots start crawling to locate the pages with the related keywords. Not only the main keyword, but bots also look out for terms related to what people often search for. A website presenting these to the bots will take up the rank.

But keyword stuffing should be averted as it degrades the webpage quality and will consequently result in lower ranks.

By enhancing the speed of page loading:

It's been years since Google brought in a new search engine algorithm that focuses on page loading speed, including mobile page speed. 

It has been noticed that visitors tend to stay on pages that do not take much time to load. It not only reduces the bounce-back time but also boosts traffic on such pages. On noticing this, the SEO algorithm offers a good rank to the website.

Remember, pages taking time to load on any device is deeply penalized, and the rank is brought down.

By making the page more secure and accessible:

A website needs to use the correct type of URL. It will help Google bots to find and locate your website and aid in rank optimization. Without a proper and secured URL, the bots won't be able to visit your page and read its content. It will cause rank loss. You can get detailed info about this in the New York SEO strategies. 

Use well-coded website builders to create your websites. Also, making use of robots.txt files that can guide the bot about where it can look for your website.

By using links:

Google is all about links. Your website can have particularly three link types. The first one is where an Authoritative website includes a link to your website. This will make the algorithm realize that top pages refer your site, thus considering it as important.

The second way is linking your web content with an Authoritative page. It will also attract the Google bot to rank your page high as it will consider the page as including important information from the top-ranked websites.

The third type of linking is internal linking, via which you aid visitors as well as bots to navigate easily on your website, or any particular webpage. Website audiences will prefer highly navigable pages. 


These are few of the strategies that can help you in taking your page up in the search results and are among those factors that are never really going to get off the board. These are basic and simple management strategies that can easily help you gain height in the Google SEO ranks.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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