Wear Work Clothes 

The opportunity to work from home is appealing for so many reasons. You can wake up a little later, miss the stressful commute. You can save money every day on your lunches and wear whatever you want. Unfortunately, this may not be the most productive situation. 

When you wear comfy clothes you would normally wear for watching TV during work hours, you tell your body and mind you are on your downtime. This can lead to a different attitude, if only slightly, to your daily projects. Instead, dress the way you would for a day at the office.

Mimic a Commute 

Why on earth would you want to mimic sitting in a car in a queue of traffic, stressed that you won't reach your work meeting on time? Or racing to say goodbye to your family to catch the next train to Passavant Memorial Homes. It's surely an advantage, not to have to do that.

While often ugly, commuted could be fun and entertaining too. Do you ever miss catching up on your social media news on the train or listening to some new music. You don't have to miss out on this time. Give yourself 15 minutes before work to do a home commute. Grab a coffee, catch up on your socials, listen to tunes. 

Maintain a Schedule 

When we used to work in offices we had set start and finish times. These were organised for us and were completely outwith our control. While we might have sometimes complained about our schedule, the fact is that it was a productive way to manage energy and output. 

These days, with so much flexibility on offer, it's tempting to make a schedule that allows you plenty of time in the morning. While this might be appealing at first it can lead to burn out and low productivity. Decide what suits your productivity level the best and work when you have the most energy.

A Dedicated Space 

Working from home is a bit of a head scratcher and some people will be better set up for it than others. Some people might have the perfect t dedicated space to work, with French windows and superfast broadband. Most other people will be in a cupboard or spare bedroom. 

Even if you don't have the ideal work-from-home conditions it's important to have a dedicated space of some kind. You need to separate your work from your home life and this is best done by closing the door on one or the other. Although tempting, it's advisable not to work from your bed or bedroom.

Strong WiFi Connection 

Working from home has many great benefits but one place employees generally miss out is with WiFi and other technical requirements. In the office all of this tech setup was organised and maintained by the company; but now, you're on your own. Getting it right is critical to productivity. 

If you're lucky your office will compensate you for your technical requirements. Even if they don't it's still critical for your job and income. Invest in a good modem and fast broadband connection. Make sure you have adequate hardware as well, a reliable laptop or desktop. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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