In the past, summer used to mean beach trips, picnics, outdoor barbecues, and so much more. If you wanted to cool down but didn't want to keep your A/C running throughout the day, you could visit places like the mall, movie theater, or even a restaurant for the free air conditioning. But as theaters continue to stay closed and medical professionals advising against visiting enclosed public spaces, there doesn't seem to be any other choice but to stay home.

As the hotter months are approaching, finding ways to stay cool at home are as important as ever. While many enjoy the hot weather, prolonged exposure to extreme heat is dangerous to your health. If you aren't careful, you could end up with various health issues that can become fatal in some cases. Keep yourself safe from the hot weather this summer, and stay cool at home.

Close the Blinds

Even if you have your A/C running, keeping your blinds or curtains closed is an efficient way to lower the overall temperature at home. This is especially helpful if direct sunlight passes through your window. Walls and furniture tend to absorb heat, making your house feel hotter. Keeping your blinds closed is also a great way to save on energy. When your house's internal temperature is high, your air conditioner will try to compensate by working harder and consuming more energy.

Consider getting blackout curtains that block out heat and sunlight to reduce your energy costs and keep your home cool even when you're not at home. They're generally more expensive than regular curtains, but you'll offset these costs with lower energy bills. With your blinds closed, you won't have to worry about dropping your thermostat to keep up with the heat.

Make Use of Your Fans

When trying to stay cool at home, it's important to remember that you need to keep the air moving. Portable fans or ceiling fans are adequate stand-ins for when you want to give your air conditioning a rest. You can use a portable or ceiling fan to circulate the air inside your home, and you won't have to turn down the thermostat to cool down your home. Run your ceiling fan counterclockwise in the hotter months to allow the air to blow downwards.

If it's a windy day, open your windows and spray a little water on your curtains. This allows the breeze to blow through your curtains and evaporate the water, cooling the air in the room. It also helps to keep the door open to allow more air to circulate and even out the temperature around your house.

Add Some Spice to Your Dishes

Do you ever notice that you feel hotter than you were after having a cold drink or meal? This is because your body compensates for the sudden drop in your internal temperature by raising your temperature more. As tempting as it may be, hold off on that tall glass of iced tea and get a bowl of spicyrameninstead. Spicy foods are much better at cooling your body down than cold food, and while it may sound counterintuitive to consume something that makes you sweat, you cool down as soon as your sweat evaporates.

So the next time you're feeling hot and bothered, reach for something with a kick rather than a temporary refreshment.

Keep Your Bed Cool

Trying to sleep in a hotbed during the summer will hardly get you a good night's sleep. Swap out the bed sheets and pillowcases you're using for 100% cotton ones. Not only do they absorb sweat, but they also don't retain body heat- you won't have to worry about flipping your pillow to sleep on the cooler side. Since you might sweat on your sheets often, it's important to wash them to prevent unpleasant odors or skin breakouts.

Sometimes, it can get too hot that even the lightest sheets you own can't make your bedroom cooler. The main reason why our beds feel hot is that the heat our bodies generate sometimes get trapped in your sheets and mattress, and they won't dissipate unless you leave your bed. If you want to take cooling your bed to the next level, consider using a bed fan. It helps remove trapped body heat, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable bed.

Wear Light Clothing

The clothes we wear can make a big difference when trying to cool down at home. In the summer, it's important to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing. Tight clothes can restrict your circulation, so opt for loose clothing that allows air to pass through your clothing and along your skin. Also, to avoid wearing dark clothing as they tend to absorb heat.

Take Care of a Plant or Two

The plant market has boomed since the start of the pandemic, and for good reason: they purify the air, reduce stress, and, more importantly, help cool down your home. The cooling process happens through transpiration, where plants release water from their leaves to cool themselves andthe surrounding environment.

The extreme heat that comes with the summer months is something you need to take seriously. Remember to stay hydrated, avoid sitting or standing under direct sunlight, and follow these tips to keep cool in the summer.

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