Hands on: iKlip Studio and DJ Rig 1Simple in concept but executed well, iKlip studio by IK Multimedia is a nice addition to the digital musician or DJ desktop.  The nonslip pads work quite nicely and the unit feels sturdy when used as a beat pad, drum set or with DJ Rig (see below).  If you press on the extreme edges (i.e. toward the upper corners of the iPad), you can feel a bit of play but that is to be expected when the iPad is in landscape position.  The iKlip studio is about 5 7/8 inches wide and the nonstick pads are about 4 3/4 inches apart.  With the iPad being approximately 9.5 inches, it’s going to hang over the sides.

I really like how the unit folds mostly flat and it is a nice touch that IK Multimedia includes the iRig bracket for musicians who have the iRig equipment. iKlip studio is very easy to set up and take down and you have the option of multiple different incline angles when setting up the stand.  It’s quite effective and quite simple.

DJ Rig –

This is the “Professional DJ Mixing App for iOS Devices” – and it is pretty awesome.  Currently the app is designed for the iPhone but I was able to easily use it on the iPad.  Using the 2x feature on the iPad made the graphics on the app pixelate a bit but all of the functionality worked just fine.


This software packs a lot of features in to a small package – (itunes says it’s 30 MB).  The going rate as of this writing is 1.99 which is more than reasonable for what you get with the app.   I’m not going to mention every function they provide but these are the ones that stood out – (and these are not the ‘add ons’ you can buy in the app, these come with your 1.99 investment)

“DJ effects” – the effects interface is great and provides 6 different effects like Delay, Low Pass , High Pass, Phazer  and a couple more.  You can adjust on the fly and you can make them stick.

Sampler Machine –I only briefly delved in to recording my own samples, but it is available.  The 9 pad interface with multiple decks with customizations that you can do on your own is second to none.

X-Sync mode – this mode allows you to detect BPM from external audio devices.  I did not do this myself but seems to be a cool feature for the more serious DJ.

Ease of Use

With so many options, I had to read the manual.  Loading up a couple songs is pretty easy but beyond that, I had to open the PDF and read up on all the different things that can be done in the software.  It is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.  I think the only thing I continued to struggle with is, if I beat match a couple songs to mix them together, I want to be able to transition back to the original BPM but could not figure an semi-automated way to transition back.  That may be just functionality that isn't in the app but still for the relative rookie in DJ land I couldn't figure out if it was missing from the app or if I was missing it.  I do want to emphasize that all the other bells and whistles were (in some cases, literally) were easy to figure out after spending a little time reading.

Liklihood of usage

I will definitely use it again.  I’ve been comparing it back and forth with djay and while I like the automix feature of djay better, DJ Rig seems to carry more functionality on most other fronts.

Graphics and Sound

As mentioned above, the scaling up to ipad size doesn’t look great but otherwise the app looks good.  The colors are black, red, and metallic.  I found that I liked both the vertical and horizontal layout of the interface after I used it for a while.  I’m a little more partial to the horizontal interface since it looks more like what I would expect from a DJ app, but after using the app in vertical mode, I found it to be just as usable.


I give it a thumbs up. This is a great app and worth the price if you’re looking for DJ software.  Definitely check out the manual so you can get some insight in to the additional features that I did not mention above.  The pro bundle is optional and I haven’t added it yet.  It gives you more cue points (default is 1), a new ‘look’, more effects like Flanger, Comp, Fuzzy and others, plus more sound banks for the pads.  These addition features are good but $4.99 seems slightly steep. Combined with iKlip Studio and a sound system, I could throw a nice little party and entertain my guests with a mix of my own.

Click below to see the official press release for iKlip Studio.
[showhide type=”pressrelease”]

IK Multimedia Ships iKlip Studio
The Desktop Studio Stand for iPad is now shipping

March 2012 – IK Multimedia proudly announces that iKlip™ Studio, the iPad® desktop studio stand, is now available and shipping worldwide. iKlip Studio is designed and created specifically for musicians but can be used by anyone needing a sturdy, non-slip, adjustable stand for all iPads, including the just released 3rd generation iPad.

iKlip Studio is constructed of lightweight, shock-resistant, durable thermoplastic material that reliably supports the iPad in both horizontal and vertical positions. Rubber foot pads grip the desktop surface and prevent unwanted sliding, and convenient slots in the housing allow access to every port of the device for charging or connecting to external speakers with handy channels for keeping the cables neatly organized.

Apps like synthesizers, beat pads and other instruments can be played energetically on the multi-touch screen with no risk of the device moving or sliding. Its flexible orientation allows its position to tilt from a very low-profile angle – ideal for use with apps like mixers or controllers – to a near-vertical position for use as a reader for tablatures or scores placed behind keyboard controllers.

A detachable bracket is also included to hold IK’s hugely popular iRig™ guitar interface adapter in place and keep it from hanging off the iPad, and for extreme portability, the iKlip Studio folds flat so it can be easily carried in any iPad or laptop bag.

-Sturdy, durable, lightweight, shock-resistant thermoplastic construction holds your iPad securely without scratching or marring it
-Rubber foot pads grip the desktop and prevent unwanted sliding
-Flexible orientation allows iKlip Studio to be tilted from a very low-profile angle to near-vertical positioning
-The device can be quickly rotated between its horizontal and vertical position
-All controls, buttons, connectors and camera of the iPad are accessible
-Includes detachable iRig bracket for IK’s popular iRig™ guitar interface adapter for use with the AmpliTube range of apps or any other guitar effects app
-Folds flat for extreme portability
-Designed and manufactured in Italy

Pricing and availability:

iKlip Studio costs $29.99/€24.99 (excluding taxes) and is now available from select music and electronics retailers worldwide, or direct from the IK Multimedia online store.[/showhide]

Hands on: iKlip Studio and DJ Rig 2

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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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