Technology and its aims have radically changed in the past few years, with an increasing emphasis placed on green tech and renewable energy. Whether you’re interested in investing or buying green tech, here are the biggest trends you’ll want to watch out for in 2021.

1. Biofuels

With Geoff Hirson and his team at St. Joseph Renewable Fuels set to build a $400 million biofuel plant in Illinois, it is fair to say that biofuels are going to be one of the biggest green technology trends to look out for in coming years.

What are biofuels? Basically, they’re fuels created by biological matter such as animal waste or plant materials, rather than oil. This means that harnessing their power has far less of a negative impact on the planet because you don’t need to drill into the earth to access it. Not only that, but it turns waste products into something useful for us all. Investing in this kind of tech is sure to pay off in 2021 and beyond.

2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity in recent years, but in 2021 and beyond its adoption is set to soar, not only due to the effects of the pandemic and the fact that more of us than ever are working from home now but also because businesses are finally starting to realize that consumers want greener products and services and because cloud computing can save money.

How does the cloud help save the planet? By eliminating power transmission and distribution systems, it is possible for the cloud to lower carbon emissions. There’s no denying that it can still eat up a lot of power – although there are companies looking to change that – but it uses far fewer resources than traditional setups.

3. Hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are one of those green techs that have been talked about without much progress for many years now. That is set to change. A survey, that was recently conducted amongst 1000 industry execs, found that hydrogen fuel cell technology is set to outperform battery-powered EVs as advances in tech come in thicker and faster and more investment is plowed into the field. That means now would be a great time to invest in companies that are pushing the hydrogen fuel cell revolution.

4. Electric automobile infrastructure

Another green tech you may want to invest in right now is electric automobile infrastructure. Why? Because in 2020 Blink Charging, a company in the electric vehicle charging industry, saw its stock price soar by 400 percent! That’s huge, but it’s unsurprising. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more refined every day, not to mention more popular, and that means they need the infrastucture to support their usage. Companies that can offer eclectic vehicle solutions are sure to see their stocks rise in 2021 and beyond too.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the world of green tech in 2021. Will you get in on the ground floor or let the opportunity pass you by completely?

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