We all have our good skin days and not-so-good skin days. But if a person's skin has lost its glow, it can be a struggle to get it back. The thing about glowing skin is that it's hard to define yet sometimes noticed it was there only after it's gone. Even people who've gone to a good beauty school can agree.

If you noticed a change in your complexion but have a hard time pointing out the change, this could be it. If you realize that the glow is missing, here's why:

What Causes Dull Skin?

Dull skin has multiple causes behind it. To help pinpoint what's causing yours, here's a list of the most common reasons behind dullness.


Drinking water is a basic essential for keeping a healthy mind and body. It's important to cell regeneration, organ health, recovering from injury, and more. It is too essential for anybody's survival. But did you know that your skin is benefiting from staying hydrated too? Water is one of the main sources of moisture for the skin.

Another way to boost your skin's hydration is by applying moisturizer and other hydrating products. This external approach can even give other benefits to your skin, such as UV protection and skin elasticity.


Dry skin is not attractive. The flaky, red patches don't just outlook unsightly. They can be uncomfortable and itchy too. The skin produces an oil called sebum. This is the skin's natural way to hydrate itself. The lack of it can easily cause dry, flaky skin. Cold weather, skin conditions, smoking, and spending too much time under the sun are some causes of dry skin. Knowing the reason behind the dryness will help you correct dryness immediately.

Dead Skin Cells

It's natural for the skin to shed dead skin cells but sometimes these don't shed as they should and build upon your skin instead. This often results in dull and flaky skin, which as you can imagine is not a cute look. This is why it's important to exfoliate regularly to free your skin of dirt and help it replenish itself.


Aging skin generally results in dull skin, along with deep wrinkles, discoloration, roughness, looseness, and a thick epidermis. As a person ages, their skin loses elasticity, collagen, and faster cell repair. This is why these three components are big in anti-aging research and products. Aging is a natural process that everyone is bound to go through. Be that as it may, we can still mitigate the consequences it has for our skin.

How To Get Your Glow Back

Getting your glow back will only be as effective as the amount of work you put into it. Here's what you can do to start getting it back.

Wash Your Face Every Night

Always wash your face before going to bed to wash off the dirt and grime collected throughout the day. Although it's often unnoticed, our environment has an effect on our skin. Pollutants in the air can be collected by your skin and can affect your complexion if not cleaned properly.

Wear Sunscreen

Never leave the house without applying sunscreen. The sun is a natural collagen-killer, which isn't good news for your skin. Collagen helps hydrate and provide elasticity to the skin. Without it, it can cause wrinkles and dullness to the skin.

Relax When You Can

Feeling stressed out is almost always a part of the everyday grind. But did you know that high-stress levels can affect the condition of your skin? Because high cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, triggers the fight-or-flight instinct in our bodies, blood flow is concentrated to vital organs instead of our skin. Take a chill pill from time to time. Designate one day of the week as a pamper day. Book a facial massage session to stimulate blood flow back to your skin. This will surely make up for the stressful days you've had the whole week.

Exfoliate Regularly

There are two ways to exfoliate at home: mechanically and chemically. Mechanical exfoliation involves using a sponge or a brush to exfoliate. Meanwhile, chemical exfoliation uses chemicals and acids to dissolve dead skin cells. Both approaches are valid however, it's important to consider your skin type before deciding on a method of exfoliation. Be sure to prompt about prepping your skin and doing aftercare after a session of exfoliation. Keep your skin moisturized to keep it hydrated.

Although we may lose our glow, that doesn't mean that it's lost forever. With a proper skincare routine and ample rest, your skin will start to show how much work you put into it. However, if the problem persists, consider consulting a dermatologist.

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