Most of us played team sports in school. Soccer, basketball, softball and American football were common, and maybe hockey or lacrosse. For many of us, this was a kind of weekly torture. We gave up playing sports as soon as we could and never looked back. Even if you joined a gym or stuck with exercise as you got older, you might never have considered voluntarily playing a team sport as an adult.

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Of course, there were also people that loved getting stuck in with sports at school and carried it on through college. But, even in this group, few people would have carried on playing as they entered adulthood, got jobs and had families. Even those people that love watching sports and make the odd soccer crypto bet don’t often play for themselves.

This can be a mistake. Team sports as an adult aren’t like they were at school. You’re not forced into anything that you don’t want to do. They can be as competitive or casual as you want, and they can just be a fantastically good way to meet new people and keep fit. In fact, those that play team sports are much less likely to become obese or suffer from weight-related illnesses and injuries. But, how do you get into team sports as an adult when you haven’t so much as picked up a ball for 20 years or so?

Think About What You Want

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Do you prefer a competitive edge? Are you looking to join a team to burn off some stress and hit some targets? Do you like to win? Or, do you just want to have a bit of fun, meet some new people and improve your general fitness?

Don’t join a serious team, where you have to commit your time and stick to stick schedules, diets and training plans if you are just looking to have some fun and make new friends. Join a team that gives you what you want from the experience.

Try Something New

If there’s a sport that you love watching on TV, or enjoyed playing in college, then you might want to give that a go. But, many of us have got absolutely no idea of what sports there are, never mind what you’d like to be more involved in.

Have a look at teams in your local area. Look at the websites for your local gyms and health centers, but also community centers and libraries. Sports like walking netball are very popular with beginners and a great way back into exercise but don’t be afraid to try something entirely new that you know little about.

Work On Your Fitness

Whether you are hoping to win a league or just play casual sport, if you’ve not exercised with any kind of routine for a long time, suddenly playing a sport, even a low impact one, can be a shock to your system. It can be a good idea to slowly increase your activity before getting stuck in. Speak to a trainer for advice.

Don’t Be Shy

One of the best things about team sports is the community that surrounds them. But, only if you get involved. Speak to people, attend events and let yourself make friends.

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