In our increasingly digitalized world, maintaining a long-distance relationship has become significantly easier. With new gadgets and devices popping up, staying connected with your significant other is more convenient than ever, and these five LDR gadgets have managed to stand out for their ability to help LDR couples not just survive but thrive.

A touch bracelet to keep you feeling close

For those in long-distance relationships, being able to physically connect with their partner is something they certainly miss the most. However, with the help of a touch bracelet, you can manage to feel closer to them even if you’re on the other side of the globe by “touching” them virtually.

The way touch bracelets work is they light up and vibrate when tapped, which lets your partner know you’re thinking about them. They come in pairs ­– one for you and one for your SO. You connect your bracelets to your smartphones, install the app on your devices, and voila – you’re connected. When you tap the bracelet, it notifies your partner, thus sending them a sweet message.

A set of rings to keep you two connected

Few things are as relaxing as lying in bed with your partner and being able to feel their heartbeat. It creates a sense of connectedness and closeness, but what do you do when you’re miles away from your partner and this is not an option? Fortunately, there is a gadget that comes in the form of a ring that allows partners to feel each other’s heartbeat in real time, regardless of where they are in the world.

Similar to the touch bracelets, the rings need to be connected to the app, and the heartbeats are captured via sensor. Once tapped, the rings start to flash and vibrate in time with the partners’ heartbeats which you can see and feel. Other than keeping you two connected, these rings also look very stylish and elegant, and thanks to their minimalist design, they’ll pair well with virtually every outfit.

A pillow heartbeat speaker for even sweeter dreams

Sleeping without your partner next to you can feel quite lonely. And while some couples get creative and try sleeping “together” virtually by relying on a video chat, there are gadgets that can help you feel closer to your partner and fall asleep more easily.

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The gadget in question is a pillow heartbeat speaker, a unique product that aims to make LDR couples feel closer together by listening to each other’s heartbeat. Each partner gets a bracelet and a speaker which they need to connect to their phones. When you go to sleep, place the speaker under the pillow and put on the bracelet. The device will recognize the heartbeat which will then be transmitted to the other partner’s speaker, which should have a calming effect and make falling asleep easier.

Sex toys for creating a sense of intimacy

Creating a sense of intimacy and closeness to your partner when you’re hundreds or even thousands miles away from each other sounds impossible. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your sex life thriving and make things spicier even when you can’t really have some private time with your partner.

For those times when distance is getting in your way of being intimate, getting your hands on a couple of fun and exciting sex toys can be just what you need to be able to feel your partner and connect with them. These toys can also be a great way to spice up your Zoom calls and keep things interesting from a distance, and they can also come in very handy when you two finally get together and decide to have some dirty fun.

A quality webcam to keep the attraction alive

For many LDR couples, their interactions with their partner usually consist of long and detailed conversations about their daily lives and activities. While conversations via text messages or phone calls are definitely essential for maintaining a long-distance relationship, they don’t provide the visual feedback that is necessary for keeping the spark and attraction alive.

Video calls can be of great help when it comes to minimizing the emotional distance. Although they can’t do much when it comes to physical distance, they can certainly make your romantic calls more enjoyable, even more so if you invest in a quality webcam instead of relying on your laptop’s built-in one. Go for the one that has a built-in microphone – this will ensure perfect audio and take your video call experience to a whole new level.

Wrapping up

Creating a sense of intimacy and connection in a virtual world can be challenging, but it’s still doable! Try some of the gadgets listed above and you’ll ensure that your long-distance relationship lasts the distance.

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