Marketing is the backbone of business – and you cannot build a brand without marketing it to the right people in the right way. When it comes to modern marketing – a lot of this will involve banner ads on websites, emails, social media posts and the odd flyer through the door. 

If you have been feeling lately like your marketing is stagnating and you need something new to help promote your business in the right way – we have some answers for you. 

Today we have compiled a few fun ways to promote your business that you may not have considered yet, and will hopefully help you stand out from the crowd this year. 

Fun Marketing Ideas To Get You Out Of Your Rut 1


Create a video

Video content is more important than anything else these days and it is incredibly crucial for you to create video content to pull in new followers. Videos could be anything from teaching your customers how to use a product, promoting your products, or it could even be a behind the scenes view of the manufacturing process. Anything that pulls people in and helps them immerse themselves in your world is worth a shot and video content is twice as engaging as images. 

Host an online event 

Because most of us are stuck at home and look to be for some time yet – it is important for us to learn how to connect online. One way you could do this would be to host an online event and invite your followers to come and join you. It could be a tutorial, a quiz, a course on business or anything else. Bringing people together in one place is a good way to help your business stay afloat in these uncertain times. 

Use texting 

Text marketing is something that not a lot of companies consider however it can be a useful tool for modern marketers. If you are hoping to engage with people online but are unsure that people will read emails – texting is a good option. You can try text message marketing for lawyers, recruitment, and much more and reach more people with your messages and engage them. 

Write a fun newsletter 

Newsletters might be a little old fashioned and simple – but your newsletter doesn’t have to be boring and matter-of-fact. When trying to engage people and bring them into your world as a company it is important to provide informative and entertaining content for them to digest. If you have a food brand for example you could make a newsletter with healthy recipes rather than one simply telling people about your offers. Show people how to use your products in a useful way and offer something engaging and this will make more people engage with you and stay on your email list. 

Collab with a charity 

One way to help you gain some cred as well as followers is to collaborate with a charity. This could be in terms of a design range for clothing or homeware, it could be by offering to donate with every sale, or something different. Showing support for a charity will always pull people in and it shows that you are humans who care.

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