If you run an office as part of your business, you will be well aware that one of your main tasks is always going to be ensuring that your people remain safe at all times. There are many things that you will need to focus on to ensure that you are maintaining that level of safety, but one of the most important is fire safety. As long as you are happy with the level of fire safety in the office, you should find that you are going to have much safer employees and that the whole workplace is going to be a lot better to work in. So let’s take a look at how you can focus on getting better fire safety in the office today.

Following The Rules

First of all, remember that there are a range of laws which you do need to be following, and that as long as you are following these you should be able to ensure that fire safety is taken a lot more seriously in your office. You will need to look into which laws are specifically in place in your part of the world, but there are a few which are generally pretty standard. These include having fire doors on your office, ensuring that fire safety practices are adhered to such as regular fire drills, and not blocking exits at any time, especially fire exits. Doing these simple but essential things will ensure that you are not going to let anyone come to any harm in your office.

If you are unsure about what the laws are, you should be sure to research them thoroughly at your earliest convenience. The better you know them, the more likely it is that you are going to be able to follow them to the letter, which remains the best way to keep your people safe.
On top of all that, you should also make sure that you have your own specific rules in place. This shows that you are taking it seriously, and that you really do want people to be safe in your office. These rules will probably have something to do with the specifics of your office, so they are for you to decide upon, but their existence is hugely important and says a lot about your approach to fire safety.

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Building With Care

If you are in the process of building a new office suite, then you are going to have to make sure that you do so with great care, and with a lot of attention to fire safety from the very start. This is something that the construction contractors should be aware of, and they will certainly have a lot of knowledge in this area, as will any architect you might hire for the job. But ultimately the responsibility has to come down to you, and you need to oversee the project in a way that ensures it is going to continue to be safe.

This will involve a lot of detailed attention, from the butterfly valve that is often essential to good fire safety equipment, to a more generalised overview of the whole building. As long as you are happy to give it that, you should find that you are going to have a much easier time of building an office carefully which does not have obvious fire safety challenges from the outset.

Training Your Staff

All of that will be pointless, however, if you do not train your staff in fire safety too. Again, it is a legal requirement to ensure that you are training your staff in fire safety, so it’s something that you will have to do no matter what. All employees should be trained on fire safety as they begin employment with you, and thereafter once a year they will need a top-up refresher training session, after which they will be tested on their knowledge once more.

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Having these training sessions actually helps to give everyone a better peace of mind, and more of a feeling of being able to deal with a fire should one arise. At the same time, the training equips you and those around you with the necessary knowledge of how to avoid a fire breaking out in the first place. As such, you should take this training very seriously, and make sure that your employees do too.

With these simple steps, you are going to have much better fire safety in your office in no time.

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