Every single home out there has a couple of annoying problems to it. Houses can be built in a variety of ways, and they can range from being a new build all the way to being 200+ years old. And even when everything is up to code and looks fresh on paper, the wifi signal might be terrible, and the wiring might be in the wrong place, and the lights might not be strong enough, etc. 

All in all, we don’t have as much control over our homes as we like to think we do, but there’s plenty we can do to try and change that! Maybe you’ve got a problem with the bathroom. Maybe you’ve got a problem with the kitchen. Or maybe the bedroom is just a little too small. It doesn’t matter what’s annoying you about your home, you just need the right idea on hand to change it. 

And we hope to help with that. So, if you’re experiencing any of the annoying and persistent problems below, it’s time to take another look at how you can sweep them under the carpet. It’s your home, and your haven, and you deserve to be comfortable in your own four walls.

There’s a Weird Smell

Your home can smell for a variety of reasons. But when you’ve had the electric checked and the drains unblocked and you can still smell something weird in your home, what are you supposed to do? Well, start with the trash in your home – is something stuck to the bottom of the bin? Have the bags been changed recently? Is the chute you throw your trash away in got something stuck? 

If all of this is clear, it’s time to move on to your bedroom. The bed might need to be changed, because the sheet, pillow case, and duvet can build up with a lot of dead skin, hair, and oils, and that can cause a real stink if left for too long! You might also want to check for dirty clothes that might have missed the basket when you took them off the night before – even a few dirty pajama tops may have fallen down the side of your bed and need to be removed. 

There’s Always the Sound of Dripping

The sound of dripping can drive you totally crazy if left for too long! Not to mention just how wasteful it can be – it’s estimated that a dripping faucet can waste up to 5 gallons of water per day. So it’s time to put a stop to this issue! If the dripping is coming from a tap you can see, this is a pretty easy fix to get on with. You probably just need to replace the washer inside the tap; find out what kind of tap model you’re working with, which can be done by checking online, and then use videos like this to help you take the old one out and fit a new one. 

If the sound of dripping is coming from above you, it’s a good sign that there’s a hole in your roof, and it’s coming through to the attic, and eventually the wet and damp will make its way down your upstairs walls too. So be sure to get up there and have a look around before it does – make sure you’ve got a light with you, and look for any signs of outside light, or cool breezes of air, that might indicate there’s a small hole starting to rip in the external layering of your home. 

There’s a No Signal Area Somewhere

Your home is kitted out with wifi, and you’ve never had such a good phone signal in your life while inside these four walls! And yet, there’s always one little dead zone somewhere within your rooms, where the signal can’t seem to reach you, and your tech always drops off the radar. 

So, what are you meant to do about this? How do you fix your no signal area? You might just have to move your router, if you’re having wifi issues. In every single home out there exists an ‘optimal placement point’, and if your router is currently shut away somewhere to keep it out of the way, you definitely need to think about moving it. 

You can even invest in a little bit more tech to help smooth an issue like this along. It’s why tech such as weBoost home cell phone booster exists; if you can place one of these down in your hard to connect area, you can pretty much bring the entire system back online and not worry about missing important calls and texts while you’re on the toilet or falling asleep in bed. 

There’s Holes in the Walls

Maybe there’s a few holes in your living room or bedroom walls, from where paintings used to hang or TV units used to be mounted, or even where old wiring was taken out and the hole was just never filled up again. And out of all the annoying problems on this list, fixing up a few holes is one of the easiest to tackle. 

All you need here is a bit of plaster, as well as a knife to apply it, and then a bit of sandpaper to run over the patch when done. This ensures the wall is level, and there’s no lumps and bumps that’ll ruin the aesthetic or make the wall harder to paint over in the future. 

The Window Panes are Rotting

It’s something we see a lot on older houses, particularly from the outside. The wooden panes on the window have started to go green and brown and rot, thanks to the exposure from outside elements. Now this might be a point of shame for you; you know that your windows have gotten a bit grotty, and you’re not quite sure what to do about them. To be honest, you don’t even want to go near them!

However, fixing up the rotting wood on your window panes isn’t as hard as you may think it is. You’re going to need to open up a toolbox, yes, and get your hands on some window sealer, but otherwise it’s a very straightforward process. As long as the rot isn’t too extensive (a.k.a., the pane isn’t covered from halfway to the entire length in rot), you can saw these parts off and fill them up yourself

Otherwise, you might just want to get the windows replaced, which can be quite pricey. However, it’s worth it, for both your peace of mind, and the health of your home and everyone in it. Be sure to shop around for quotes before you get any work on your windows done, to get a proper average, and even think about haggling for a more competitive price. 

There’s Stains in the Bathroom

There’s going to be stains in the bathroom at some point during your occupancy of the house. Don’t worry, even if you’re not sure where they come from, it doesn’t mean your home is incredibly dirty and needs a deep clean as soon as possible. You’ve just got to focus on finding out what the stains actually are, and then shifting them, and then stopping them from appearing again in the future. It’s easier than it sounds!

Maybe there’s brown spots on the wall? These are most often the beginnings of mold growth – it only makes sense; the bathroom is usually wet and steamy and used multiple times a day, and these are the perfect conditions for growth. If you just get a normal commercial mold cleaner, or a specialised bathroom cleaner spray, a couple of coats and a good bit of scrubbing will remove these. 

Maybe there’s rust in the sink and bath? Once again, when something is repeatedly exposed to water, and never dries properly, it’s going to get rusty. And seeing as both your sink and your bathtub are at least partly metal, the rust will grow fast. There’s plenty of ways to shift these stains, most of which are homemade solutions, and you’ll have a fresh and clean sink and tub by the afternoon. 

What’s Going on in Your Home?

Have you got a few annoying problems in your rooms that you need to take care of? Maybe you’ve just got used to living with them by now? It doesn’t matter! You can do something to sort them out, and make sure your home is just as convenient and comfortable as you need it to be. 

Start with the list above – these are all common issues we have with the properties we live in, and if you weren’t sure about it already, there are some solutions out there for you to look into! Tackle the problems in your home for healthier and happier living, and remember, there’s a lot of advice out there for you to look into whenever you’re not sure how to DIY something in your home. 

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