‘Experiential Marketing' is just a fancy way to say interactive exhibits. Especially in the competitive atmosphere of most tradeshows, an interactive display or proposal to passers-by can be the difference that makes or breaks how well performing your brand is at the show. It's simply not a place for the faint of heart, or those without great plans and tools to call upon.

To get you up to date on the best technology and experiential marketing tips and tricks, we turned to one of the best resources out there: the Experiential Marketing Summit. What were their top recommendations?

Engage in Neuromarketing

Advances in science have allowed advertisers and marketers to see precisely how the brain reacts in response to different sorts of marketing. And believe it or not, there are in fact certain triggers which can be used in trade shows to help nudge potential clients towards buying; or if nothing else, walk away with an exceptionally positive experience. If you haven't begun researching the findings of neuromarketing and adding it to your experiential marketing campaigns, you should start doing so pronto.

Shareable Content

Create visual content and demos that could become the next viral video; always encourage individuals to engage and share what they've seen. In prior years, this was often done with the use of well-placed QR codes, but these day's the sky's the limit. Novel ideas might include the use of youtube 360 videos (which are surely the precursor to true broadly-accessible VR) during live engagements. Ford and Toyota have both pioneered this by allowing individuals to test-drive new cars, and giving rewards (like gift cards and other prizes) to those who share. Not only is this making an impressive, tangible experience for potential customers, but you're reaching out to their networks as well. MIG has done this type of work with great success, and you should never hesitate to reach out to professional live event designers.

It's important to stay up to date with the technologies, as well; Facebook is quickly becoming the dinosaur of the social media world, with tech-savvy users now migrating to things like vine and instagram.

Use Mobile Tech To Drive Engagement

People love to play with tools and gadgets at trade shows, and giving visitors something engaging to do can help set you apart from many other vendors. And these days, it's not too difficult to get mobile apps and games developed at a reasonable cost. Is your business a wedding event supplier? Create small ipad or mobile games which allow brides to design dresses or decorate images of venues! Home builder? Have an app which allows people to flip through your model homes! Even if all your company does is stock vending machines, you could quickly and easily make something like a small game app which has players drive a truck around obstacles to a timer.

The possibilities are endless! And especially in these days of short attention spans, it's important to be giving out something which is branded to your business for visitors to take home. Flyers and business cards alone won't cut it. And along the same vein…

Consider Branded Wearables

This trend is rising steeply in popularity as marketing research shows that branded wearables can significantly impact live experiences; and often at a relatively low cost. Common trends include branded shades in popular styles, hats, shirts, watches, and other things. If you want to take the notion even more high-impact, spring for branded bluetooth speakers (which can come as cheap as $2.50 per), pedometers, or headphones.

Design Your Booth Around Your Lead

The style, setup, and location of your booth can affect the quality of leads it generates! NetApp's case showed that redesigning the booth, the location of information, the accessibility of salespeople, could dramatically heighten the quality of leads. Experiment at your own shows, and don't hesitate to do what's necessary to invite your potential leads in.


He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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