Whether you admit it or not, you know it: you're a total catch. You've got the whole package and yet, you're still single.

A catch like you may be tempted to turn to online dating, but it's not exactly the best option. Online dating requires much of your energy and time. You find yourself swiping left more instead of right, which makes this dating game a game of hit or miss – with most of it being a miss. You usually meet people who don't meet your standards or lack of “offers” in the dating pool.

You're better off than settling with the online dating madness. You need to start looking for love in the right places – with the best matchmaker the city has to offer.

The Whole Package Does Not Settle

Think of it this way: you're a catch who deserves another catch. A professional matchmaker ensures you secure the perfect partner without wasting your time. Instead of swiping left, leave the search to someone who knows your preferences and the dating pool well.

Matchmakers make it their mission to find your ideal partner. They present you with quality options of a higher caliber compared to the pool of online dating websites. Since matchmakers know your preferences, they'll narrow down your search with quality people that check off your list.

Consider the following reasons to hire a matchmaker.

You're in a Different Dating Pool

Sometimes, the dating pool you're currently in doesn't match your standard as a “catch.” You're in a different category, one that only a professional matchmaker can meet. In this case, your dating pool should be composed of singles just like you.

Online dating sites will have you swimming around a dating pool that doesn't meet your standards. With an elite matchmaking service, you'll be waddling in a pool with like-minded people worth a date (or even a forever with). Matches are pre-screened and selected for you. Matchmakers know what you want in a partner, so any profile that doesn't fit your criteria and the matchmaker's standard of quality will not make the cut. They may also pick someone out for you that you may have not given a chance if you saw them in an online dating pool.

This is your love and happiness at stake; don't leave it up to an algorithm designed by a company that has a general understanding of love connections. Matchmakers may not pair you with the right person instantly, but they will set you up with commitment-minded people. Their mission is to have you find the perfect person so that someday you can plan make those arrangements you've been dreaming of, from making DIY wedding programs for your ceremony to arranging a memorable honeymoon.

It's a Team Effort

A professional matchmaker is more than just a person in an office flipping through name cards. The industry has rapidly evolved and pairing people with matches makes only half of it. The rest focuses on ensuring that you are ready for the date. Any quality matchmaker will have a team of pros at your disposal. This dream team includes dating coaches, etiquette experts, tailors and stylists. With their help, no dating challenge can stop you from finding true love.

You'll Get Advice and Feedback

Many people have had great first dates but failed to score a second date. Most of the time, the lack of follow-up has nothing to do with an individual personally, but they don't know that, which is why some feedback would be nice.

Most people need an unbiased third-party to offer advice. A matchmaker can offer a fresh perspective and dating advice. They can also help you break any unknown dating patterns and attitudes that are holding you back. With a matchmaker, you'll find out what went wrong or right, minimizing the guesswork involved.

The Personal Touch

Receiving a tailored service customized to your needs gives you a better chance of finding the ONE. A matchmaker will take the time to know you, understand what you want and point out areas for improvement in your dating strategy. They will do more than present you in the best light; they can also filter and select suitable dates according to your preferences.

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest disappointments of online dating is meeting people who don't share the same relationship goals with you. With a matchmaking service, you can be certain that the people you meet are just as invested in finding love as you are. In general, people who work with matchmakers are clear about their wants and are looking for a serious relationship like you.

A great catch like you deserves more than just another pool of pointless dates. Save time and energy by having someone else find love for you.

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