Escaping reality is no easy feat. You blink and the weekend is over, and holidays are too far apart. So how can one make the most of themselves and their time?

Get Break-Away Savvy

Take a good look at your annual holiday leave. Plan it and plan it well. You only get a limited period off and you don’t want to fritter it on the odd day off here and there.

Most of us like a decent block break in the summer and in December. For the rest of the year it’s best to book long weekend breaks and your birthday (or the day after) only – you’ll appreciate it come summer time when you have a nice week or two to travel properly!

Once you have your calendar planned, start thinking about saving for events and breaks away that you could realistically enjoy. January and February are rough months. Perhaps it would be good to book a long weekend in February to read, sleep and just generally relax! A short recharge is probably what you’ll be in need of.

For bank holidays it might be worth adding a half day before it kicks in so you can cruise away at noon feeling smug that you won’t be sitting in traffic on Friday evening like all those other holidaymakers!

Find your tonic

Most of us can feel groggy, down or worn out when all we do it sit at a desk. Figure out what your body is telling you. Do you get headaches and sleepy eyes at the end of the day? Perhaps it’s time for an eye test and a ban on screens in the evening. For those who are tense, try yoga, running or walking to work.

You are a creature at the core; a finite resource that needs TLC. Find your tonic and you will have your small relaxing moments. Mixing up your routine can also allow you to feel less penned in.

Create your own safe heaven

Often we only have a weekend to break free; minimal money, low energy and the thought of returning to the office in 48 hours leaves us feeling defeated. Your home is your heaven so there is no better place for you to find your break away.

Get inventive; the garage, shed, spare room or even your bedroom could play host to you and your hobbies. A good clear out and rearranging some furniture can contribute.

This needs to be the area that you can go to when you just want to kick back, relax and forget about the nitty gritty details of daily life for a few moments.

For inspiration, look at what the Mail’s readers did with their sheds here. I personally love sheds – my garden log cabin is my safe haven because in the house there are children running amok and never a moment’s rest, but my shed is all just for me!

Have you created your own break away area in your home or become savvier with your holidays? How did you do it? Tell me in the comments below…

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About the author: Estelle Page is a thirty something interior designer, loving life with her husband and two wonderful children – although sometimes even she needs a break from it all! She currently blogs for Dunster House.

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