easeusIt’s always a pain to lose one’s data due to some unexpected events. The best way to prevent you against such unexpected data loss is to be fully prepared. With EaseUs Data recovery you can rest assured.

EaseUS Data recovery is easy data recovery software fully compatible with windows 10 and mac computers.

1-What is EaseUS Data recovery wizard?

EaseUS data recovery wizard is a data recovery software to help you recover deleted files from your hard drive as well as external drives such as memory cards, USB drives or other digital devices.

It’s fully compatible with windows 10 laptops.

Mac users should not feel left-out as this recovery software is compatible with Mac computers as well.

2- How does EaseUS data recovery software work?

This software is very easy to use. You just have to download it and launch the setup wizard.

Once the installation process is completed, EaseUS data recovery wizard will launch by itself.

It has a clean interface very easy to navigate around. There is no confusing menu bar. Instead, there are navigation icons in the top-right corner of the software.

Right from the homepage, you can access every function you need to get back your lost files.

First of all, you will have to tick some small boxes near the types of files you want the software to scan.

Next, you will have to choose the location you want to search.

You can then choose to perform a quick scan or deep scan. A quick scan is quicker than a deep scan. A deep scan however provides 100 times more results than a quick scan.

When EaseUS Data recovery wizard is done with the search, you can choose the files you want to recover or save the results for later use.

3- Things to keep in mind while using EaseUS

There are important things you need to keep in mind while using this data recovery software. You can only search one location, file or folder at a time.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a deep scan takes much more time than a quick scan. This is due to the thoroughness of the search. You may choose to perform a deep data scan in your idle times.

Last but most important is that this data recovery software is CPU-intensive. It’s to be expected since EaseUS Data recovery software is hard performing software.

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