There are plenty of jokes about insurance salespeople, and if you are considering the insurance sales route as a possible career for you, they might leave you a little shaken. All of these jokes hinge on insurance salespeople being very pushy, very negative fear mongers, but where does the joke stop and the reality begin? The truth of the matter is that insurance sales can be a very reliable living for you, and it does not mean turning into some kind of angry, fear-spreading monster! Consider th basic path of an insurance salesperson and go from there.


For the most part, insurance companies prefer that the people that they hire have college degrees. While it is most preferable ot have a degree in business administration on a related field, a college degree of any sort is better than none. On top of that, however, agencies are usually willing to take on someone with a high school diploma and a proven sales track record as well. Experience is something that can give your resume the boost it needs to get you great attention.


In every state in the United States, an insurance salesperson needs to be certified. Some of these certifications are valid across state lines, so always check if you need to move. You need different certifications depending on what kind of insurance you sell, so medical insurance and home insurance would have two different types of certifications required.


All insurance companies have their own standardized training strategies. They are very skilled when it comes to creating a presentation or program that will work, and when you get your first insurance sales job, you will find that starting with this as your basis is a good idea. It gives you an idea of what the company is trying to promote, and you will also find that it allows you to master the company's viewpoint and goals. When you start out as a trainee and even during your first few years, you need to learn about how you are going to carry yourself with regards to your company's aims and goals.


As a salesperson, you will find that one of your first and foremost tools is your personality. While you can let some of your personality show through when you are giving a memorized performance, you will find that limiting. After a while, however, you will start to feel very comfortable with yourself as you go off-script. You'll learn ways to make the viewers see what you are doing and why you are speaking as you are. The more personality you can put into your presentation, the more honest they will consider you.

Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell

When you are someone who is considering your sales pitch, it is very important to consider the hard sell versus the soft sell. A hard sell is a very high pressure sales pitch, and it is what gives a lot of insurance agents their bad reputation. It is somewhat akin to bullying. With a soft sell, you simply give the people you are working with the ability to make up their own minds with regards to the information that you have handed them. In many cases, people are more comfortable with a soft sell, and they look forward to hearing from you more.

Take a few moments to figure out how you can escape the insurance salesperson reputation and how this might be the perfect job for you and your skills!

This piece was composed by Timothy Phillips, a freelance author and blogger who focuses on insurance, finance, career development, professional training, business and commerce, and other related matters. To learn more about business and auto insurance, view the resources at Rodney Nars Producer.

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