Think back to the stone ages, where simply a broken leg would most likely kill you. There was just no medicine to help with all of the things that we take for granted today. Which is why we have to be in awe as to how far medicine has come, even in recent years. We think it’s mainly due to the advancement of technology and how that has helped expand our knowledge into medicine. But do we still have power over it? Are we still going to lead the way in the future of developing new treatments and cures, or are we going to go back in time. It’s something we want to explore today, because people are always under the opinion that medicine is something we’re moving forward constantly in, when we think there are areas we might be falling behind in. Let’s explore some more!

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The Antibiotic Issue

There really is an elephant in the room within medicine because of antibiotics. You will not doubt have seen adverts on the TV now warning you how eventually antibiotics will stop working if you pump your body full of them. But they won’t just stop working for you, they’ll stop for your children, and your children’s children and so on. We’re rapidly running out of time with new antibiotics, and no, they can’t just keep creating new ones. At the minute there are all sorts out there that doctors can use, but our bodies are slowly building up resistance to them. If we still want to have power over this area, we need to take fewer antibiotics, and stop using them in farming. Farmers lay them on the grass to help prevent infections in their livestock, and to help them grow bigger. We then eat the meat, and in slow doses take the antibiotics that we’re trying to resist. Much has to be done if we want to hold the power in this area.

Genetics Are Changing

Our genetics are what makes us who we are, and in this area, we do actually hold a lot of power still. This is mainly due to technology and the equipment we can now use to separate matter from one another, and to see how different proteins in our DNA bind to molecules. A chip kit, power microscopes, analysis software, and the human eye all work together to build a picture of the makeup of our DNA, and how other processes in our body affect it! But through analysing genetics we’re learning a lot. We’re learning what causes defects, how they might be prevented, and even how they can be cured!

We Need To Pick Up The Pace

If there’s one thing that can be said for sure, it’s that we definitely need to pick up the pace if we are to make any advancements that are worth talking about. Think about things like the race to completely wipe out cancer. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, with so many funds going into it each day. Yet there is still no cure for something that affects millions. Other areas too are suffering, such as HIV treatments.

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