As we know that digital marketing is a marketing component that uses the internet and digital technologies that are online-based such as mobile phones, digital media, desktop computers, and platforms for promoting services and products. Premium Dissertation UK experts said that according to insights and Google trends, marketing is also becoming trendy and it is continuously changing, hence following are the most common trends in 2021 and the modern age is counting these trends as the most essential ones.  

  1. Micro-Moments 

An intent-rich moment is known as Micro-Moments when a person turns towards a device for acting on a need- to know about that, to go towards that, do that, or buy that. People nowadays are making instant decisions within these following Micro-Moments; these are known as 4 game-changing Micro-Moments that matters a lot   

  • I want to know moments 
  • I want to go moments 
  • I want to do moments 
  • I want to buy moments 

For taking advantage of these Micro-Moments in 2021, you just need to know that where the consumers are searching at the moment for information, or as Google is putting it, marketers need to be quicker, more accessible, and be there in less time. The popularity of Micro-Moments means that marketers must need to rethink the linear marketing funnel that needs to follow a set path: consideration, awareness, and decision. In 2021 and beyond, the journey of customers will be more inconstant and dynamic, as in consumers desires it needs to get respond to rapid changes. Just because this a mobile modem age and if someone talks or think about anything, they want to see more and learn more and buy more of it by just clicking few buttons. 

To get more advantage of Micro-Moments in 2021, you should try to identify your clear customers moments like “I want to buy”, to be there in the need of these moments, to deliver relevant content to the customers at the perfect time, for making it easy to the customers for easy purchases, and measuring all of the moments that matter a lot in marketing and selling digitally. 

  1. Smart Speakers and Voice Search 

The unstoppable usage of vice search has imposed this thing for companies to rethink their digital marketing strategies in 2021. Consider the numbers and figures considered by Premium Dissertation UK experts followed as below: 

  • 50 percent of searches will be through voice over all other searches by 2021 
  • 55 percent of all homes in America will own their smart Speakers by 2022. 
  • 72 percent of people who are users of voice-activated speakers are saying that their devices are in usage as a part of their daily routines. 
  • Voice shopping will be set to jump from 2 billion dollars today to 40 billion dollars in 2022. 
  • Smart Speaker's shipments have trembled to 26.1 million units from 9.36 million units which are tremendous and mind-blowing. Voice searches are playing an essentially important role in providing all of the data and information that is relevant to that search and that people are searching by using audio content. The field of artificial intelligence is getting smarter day by day and the number of errors and bugs caused by many reasons made by voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google has reduced greatly.   

A large number of brands are using it already in their marketing strategies.  

  • Patron Tequila is helping the consumers in accessing their personalized cocktail recipes. 
  • Dominos allows the pizza-lovers for ordering their favorite dishes from their beds in simple ways without picking up the phone calls and even placing an order.  
  • PayPal users are engaging Siri for sending money to family, friends, or businesses and there are so many other brands that are using this technology in branding and digital marketing.  

For spreading brand awareness, voice search optimization is a great way to do it. But voice search is not a channel solely for forcing sales and messaging.  

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