Tech is all around us. Everything we do these days is governed by devices and sensors, and the internet of things is something that has made its way into everything. If it is possible to add connectivity to a machine in order to add value, it would appear tech companies have found a way of doing it. And, with 5G offering further development in this area and the advent of autonomous vehicles and much more, the tech industry shows no sign of slowing. 

With a booming tech industry being one of the dominant economic forces on the planet, it would make sense that if you are looking for your next career challenge, it in someway monetizes the vast potential that tech has to offer. With so many areas that you could get involved from design and innovation to app development, production, or even sales and support, the world is your digital oyster. 

So, how do you break into the tech industry? Here are some tips.

Do You Know Your Java From Your Python?

There are so many different coding languages out there from Java, to Ruby, to C++. Whether your career path will require knowing your sql regex or how to apply machine learning using Python, there is a lot to sink your teeth into. 

Work out the area of tech that you want to work in, and how hands-on you want to be. If you want to be a developer, then you will likely need to know a couple of different coding languages. Find out what the top ones in the fields that you are interested in working are. For example, Java remains the top desktop language, whereas if you want to work in the lucrative and growing fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning, then Python is going to be an essential tool.

There are dozens of different coding languages out there, and as our technology demands shift, so does the use of these languages. You may see moves toward different languages over the coming years, so adaptability and a constant thirst for learning will be essential. 

There are many ways to learn code. With lots of online courses available, there is no time to start like straight away. 

Get Stuck Into Projects

If you want to hone your skills and get some real experience for your resume, get out there are and do it. Whatever field you want to specialize in, you can develop your skills off your own back. Create projects that you can get stuck into. If they come to anything in terms of providing a product that you can sell, then great. But if they just serve to get you the practice you need then all the better. 

Look for opportunities to get involved in other people’s projects online. There are plenty of gig sites where people are looking for others with a specific skill set to help them complete their work. With the potential for remote working being made much easier through technology, you could get involved in projects from all over the world.

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