JAMBOX, the little brother to the recently reviewed BIG JAMBOX, will now have customizable colors according to a press release on the Jawbone website.

“For the first time, consumers can design their own JAMBOX by choosing from a selection of 13 grill and nine cap colors on Jawbone.com. The new experience lets people mix and match over 100 different color combinations to compare and buy their favorite designs.” (Source)

I logged in this week and created a nice looking (IMHO) Black and Yellow version.  Very easy to use and even share with others if you are so inclined.

The release goes on to talk about how the JAMBOX is also “completely updatable via Jawbone’s industry-first MyTALK™ platform, where users can personalize it with AudioApps, new features and customized functionality.”  I actually tried out some of these features this week and wanted to share some thoughts with you.


Customizable JAMBOX Announced plus MyTalk Reviewed 1Registration with Jawbone was very easy and nothing seemed overly concerning with the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy.  Once you get logged in you have to download and install the Jawbone updater.  I don't necessarily love having to install additional software but in this case it makes sense. After installing Jawbone Updater,  I had some trouble getting the BIG JAMBOX to connect. Jawbone updater launches your default browser which in my case is Firefox 14.0.1.  I could not get the browser to recognize that the device was plugged in but that probably has more to do with my security plug ins than any issues with the Updater.  After having similar issues on Internet Explorer 9 (9.0.8112.16421), I almost gave up.  Then, I tried Safari on Windows and the connection happened without a hitch.  That's my ‘wide open' browser where i only visit sites i 100% trust so the security settings are more lax.  The main message here is that depending on your browser settings, plugins or versions, you might have a little trouble connecting.  It's obvious but something to keep in mind.

 I'm in, now what

Customizable JAMBOX Announced plus MyTalk Reviewed 2
AudioApps and DialApps

With MyTalk, you can

  • Find out if your firmware is up to date and update it
  • View your current ‘audioapp' and customize it.  AudioApps™ are like the audio interface to your device and provide things like start up and shut down sounds, pairing sounds battery life sounds, Caller ID etc. there are 17 sets of sounds to choose from and 7 are non-English.  I like the default sounds but chose to apply the retro “Classic Arcade”  Now the BIG JAMBOX sounds like an old school video game.
  • Customize your Dialapps – the JAMBOX has a TALK button and this section allows you to choose different types of functionality for the button.  Some examples are –
    • MyFAVORITE – access your favorite or most often dialed number
    • Voice Dial – this was the default.  Use this with phones that allow you to speak in a name to dial
    • Voice Control – can be used with Siri and on Androids with voice assistants
    • Voice on the Go and HandsFree Assistant – both requiring a separate account can be linked as well.
    • Finally, you can link 1800free411 and Directory assistance to the button
  • Under Mobile Apps – you can download and install Jawbone Companion for Android (Not tested) – According to the site this will allow you to listen to calendar alerts, see a battery meter on your phone (for the JAMBOX) and other functions
Customizable JAMBOX Announced plus MyTalk Reviewed 3
Sync is easy and takes place in your browser


These are nice add on features provided by Jawbone and since MyTALK is in Beta, I'm sure we'll see more features and functionality in the future.  Paired with the new ability to customize JAMBOX colors, it seems like they are really trying to allow customers the ability to personalize their hardware.  As a consumer, this ability to make the devices “my own” increases my brand loyalty and would make me more likely to purchase Jawbone products in the future.

Have you tried any of the MyTALK features or have you ordered a new, custom colored JAMBOX?  Please let us know in the comments.



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Lance Gilliland

Consumer Electronics. Technology. Media. Comics. Football. Family. Health. Entertainment. Great, now my fingers are tired.

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