Ever wanted your very own sports media room? If you’re a huge fan of sports then it’s a fantastic idea to dedicate an entire room just to your hobby alone. However, it’s going to take quite a few steps, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you out in creating the ultimate sports media room.

How many televisions do you need?

Most people would simply answer “one”, but a sports media room is unique because you have the opportunity to add multiple television screens for watching multiple games or sports at the same time. For example, you might want to catch the NFL game of the day while also watching international soccer. Perhaps the Olympics are on and you want to watch multiple different events, or maybe you want to have a TV on the side for statistics, news, and general sports reporting.

There are lots of ways to use multiple screens in a sports media room and we’d highly recommend it if you have the budget for it. While getting a single large television is important, it’s never a bad idea to supplement it with a couple of extra smaller televisions that you can set to side content that you want to watch alongside the main television.

Equipping your sports media room with the right hardware

You should also make sure that you’ve equipped your sports media room with all the right hardware. Televisions are one thing, but you also need a cable connection, internet connection, or even media boxes to watch the content as well. For example, watching sports on Kodi generally involves a single TV box, but you can skip that and go straight for a cable connection if you prefer traditional TV subscriptions.

You could actually mix and match multiple subscriptions and services if you have a strong internet connection. This gives you lots of different options for watching sports and it also means that you can switch your media room over to cinema or gaming mode. There are lots of different media boxes available for purchase, so we suggest you do a bit of research on the types of boxes available and their different uses.

In addition, we suggest that you look into different kinds of speaker setups. Most people would simply settle for a high-quality soundbar, especially if they’re in a relatively small room. However, if you have enough space, then you may want to consider upgrading to something like a surround speaker setup. While it can be annoying to wire it up, you do have wireless speaker options these days as well. If you’re unsure how to install something like a large speaker system, then it may be best to seek a professional to install it for you. For high-end audio systems, you can often hire an installation service to go along with the delivery. This makes it really convenient to upgrade your sound system.

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Don’t forget to decorate it with sports memorabilia

Whether you’re a huge Tennessee Titans or love watching international soccer, there is a lot of memorabilia out there that you can purchase and use to decorate your room. You could frame and hang up team shirts, you could keep your old sports tickets stored somewhere, or you could even paint the room in your team’s colours. There are loads of ways to decorate, so it’s really up to your own imagination. However, we feel it’s definitely one of the more important components of your sports media room, so don’t neglect it!

If you’re having trouble, you could always hire an interior designer especially if you’re investing a lot of money into your sports media room project. This is a great idea if you don’t trust yourself with the decor and want a professional to step in and make your room look a hundred times better. This is generally the best option if you’re able to dedicate an entire room to the project and we wouldn’t suggest hiring a designer if you only have a small room or portion of a room to work with.

Make sure it’s easy to refill on snacks and drinks

Watching a game can be exhausting, so it’s always a good idea to have a little fridge nearby unless your room is next to the kitchen. If you’re inviting people around for the Super Bowl or want to binge on several sports games in a row, then you’ll want to have some kind of table where you can place loads of snacks and plates of food. You should take this into consideration when it comes to placing furniture as you’ll likely want all of the seats to be close to a central table.

However, if you have a lot of space, then there are other ways to do this as well. For example, you could have a small side table next to each of your seats and instead, place your food on a countertop on the other side of the room. That way you and your guests can pick up food in between breaks and have your own personal space to put it when you take it back to your seat. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even get seats with integrated cup holders or table add-ons to make it even more convenient to snack and watch.

Remember that it’s a media room with many uses!

One of the great things about making a sports media room is that it can also double as a general games room or home cinema setup. You have large televisions, great speakers, comfortable chairs, and a lot of space. You can easily add some games consoles to TV units or you could even install a virtual reality gaming space if your room is large enough.

Don’t limit your media room to just sports! If you love playing video games or watching films as well, then you can have your media room cover multiple different hobbies and interests.

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