Over the course of decades, there has been no shortage of talk about the concept of “recession-proof” businesses, and 2020 was the ultimate test of that idea. As businesses were shuttered, some never to reopen, there wasn’t a country on the planet that didn’t experience some economic shock as a result. While there have been measures put in place to deal with the hardships experienced by families and individuals, the result has been that there is a changing job market out there in the present day.

While some people will have the chance to return to their old jobs, the nature of the shock has been such that for others, there isn’t a job to return to, and for them, 2021 onwards will mark a period of rethinking. In this regard, the idea of a move into construction may be one which holds some interest. Much of the last year has seen building projects mothballed or canceled, and the recovery process is going to necessitate an acceleration of construction for this year and beyond. So what is there to think about for you, if you’re considering a career on building sites?

New positions won’t be in short supply

Emerging from a period of extreme financial disturbance necessitates regeneration. Governments want to stimulate growth, create jobs and revive cities, and construction will inevitably play a part in this. New premises will be needed for new businesses, and infrastructure will also need an overhaul. So there will be plenty of options for anyone who knows the difference between dogging and rigging, and for those who are willing to learn. Even when this wave is over, a successful recovery will mean there is increased demand for construction.

A change of scenery is an option

The level of flux in the job market from the end of 2019 to the present day and beyond means that even when we’re all back at work, things will be very different. Some workers will have moved out of construction entirely, others will have gone back to their family homes, and those who can retire early may well have chosen to do so. This means that firms – especially those in big cities – will be keen to rebuild their teams. If you’re in a position to move for work, you’ll have your pick of new destinations.

New projects will be interesting to be a part of

Let’s not tempt fate by suggesting that this past year has been a “once in a lifetime” thing. There is every chance that we’ll all see some more narrative-changing events in our lifetimes. But this has been a big enough deal that there will be a “pre-Covid” and “post-Covid” timeline. And that means that a lot of things will change, including building projects. New ideas about how we interact and work together will mean that building interiors are different as we emerge from the pandemic – and a career in construction will allow you to see how that takes shape. Knowledge of that kind can be hugely useful if you have plans beyond the next job.

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