When it comes to health, it’s certainly one of the most important things for us to be taking care of since we really never know how long we’ll be in a good state of health and nowadays there are so many different things that can cause us bad health – from the environment we live in to the food we eat, and so much more, so it’s really crucial that we maintain as good a level of health as possible, and part of this includes getting regular check-ups at the doctor.

However, as we progress through different age groups in our lives, the kind of issues facing our health and that will require check-ups are going to change, so in this post we’re going to share with you what kinds of check-ups you should be getting once you hit 50.

Hormone levels:

There’s unfortunately no escaping those pesky hormones that seem like they torture us from the moment we hit puberty and they seem to never leave us throughout our lives – of course they’re not constantly playing havoc with us, but certainly have their moments, and this also affects men and women in slightly different ways, so whilst women might suffer from things like menopause and this is more well-known in society, men are also affected by the rise and drop in hormones as they age, and this can cause health problems as well as all the other annoying things that hormones cause anyway, so going to get your hormone levels checked regularly is a good idea after the age of 50 to see if you need something like testosterone treatment or even complete hormone replacement therapy.

Breast checks:

Although breast cancer can affect women of any age, and also affect men, too, it’s stastically more likely to happen after the age of 50, which is why mammograms after this age are offered as part of the routine check ups that women receive. Of course, if you’re below 50 and have any cause for concern, are at a higher level of risk or generally just feel like something needs to be checked, then you can always have this done, but it’s definitely something you should regularly get check after the age of 50.

Prostate checks:

Just as the risk of breast cancer increases for women over the age of 50, so does the risk of prostate cancer in men, and this is something that’s difficult to treat and often has very low survival rates after diagnosis due to the fact that there are very few symptoms so early detection through regular screening checks really is very crucial.

Heart checks:

The heart is probably the most important muscle in the body and we basically depend on its health for our own, so although the heart can have problems at any stage in life, the years of strain that in endures through lifestyle, diet, stress, illness, and an array of other things can really cause problems as we age, so making sure that you’re going for regular check-ups and doing all you can to maintain a healthy heart after the age of 50 is definitely something to consider.

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