The cell phone spy software program is handy for every boss or worrying parent who needs to keep track of his employee or teen children. Cell phone tracking offers valuable insights that help to prevent negative outcomes- like trade secret leaks or getting caught up in ill habits such as substance abuse. Are you too planning to get a cell phone spy software but worried about installation hassles? Much to your convenience, installing the software is really simple and you don’t have to be a tech geek here. The exact steps of installation might vary slightly from one software to another but overall all of them follow a basic general guideline.

Tips before installation

  • You must make sure to get a cell phone spy software that is compatible to your target mobile phone. You can go through Cell-phones-spy-software.com here which offers insights on the mobile phone OS compatibility list of some of the best spy software programs.
  • It’s to stress here that these software programs cannot be installed remotely. You have to manually install the software in the target phone.
  • While you sit to install it, make sure you have easy access to internet & emails.
    As you buy the software, the software company will ask for your valid email id where it will send the further details. Most of them will ask you to create your Online Dashboard account with them through which you can access the software’s tracking reports.

How to install

Step 1

After a successful transaction, the software company will send you some emails including the sale confirmation email. You will also receive an email that carries download link of the software accompanied by installation instructions.

Step 2

Most of the cell phone spy software programs will ask you to enter the previously mentioned download link in your target’s mobile handset’s web browser. As you enter it, the software would be downloaded onto that target phone.

Step 3

After the download is done, you would have to enter activation code offered in the mail sent by the software company in your email id. Enter the code into target phone as per the directions offered in the mail. You might have to re-start your target mobile handset to complete your installation process. After it’s done, quickly go to the target mobile’s browser history & remove download link. You certainly don’t want your target to find out that his or her phone contains a spy software.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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