Too many people, technology and nature are polar opposites, mutually exclusive, and never the twain shall meet. However, many people are finding quite the opposite, that their technology allows them to enjoy nature more easily, to better appreciate the sights and experiences, and even to learn a little. Here are some of the ways that might be true.

Playing in the sun

For kids and big kids alike, the rise of AR technology (or altered reality) provides a lot of opportunities for fun. Perhaps the most notable example of this trend getting people out and about more often is Pokemon Go. With this app, people have been capturing the lovable creatures out in nature and at local landmarks for years. While the biggest boom of this game might be long gone, there is still a dedicated community of users who are using the opportunity to play outside in a way they might not have before.

Getting a new perspective

Whether it’s to publish content to the web, or simply to appreciate one’s own experiences, drones have offered a revolution in getting a new perspective on the places we go and things we see that hasn’t been seen since photography first became a possibility. Websites like dronesuavreport.com can show precisely the kind of change in respective this tech offers when it comes to hobbies as old as fishing. Add to that the ability for exploring the scenery and providing panoramic shots and it’s no surprise that so many people take their drones camping with them nowadays.

Taking the opportunity to learn

Not only can technology make your trips out into the natural world more fun, they can also make them a lot more informative. This is thanks to the rise of the kinds of apps shown at mnn.com, that can help people better identify what they see in nature. From birds to butterflies to mushrooms, there are apps that are helping curious minds get answers much sooner. This can help ignite a child’s curiosity in nature, and can even help people stay safe and avoid certain risks in the wild.

Learning more about our impact

From learning more about the natural world, it’s a short step into wanting to do what we can to protect it. The human species is having a profound effect on the ecosystems we come in contact with, to put it mildly. Now, apps like GoodGuide are helping people track and reduce their own impacts on the environment, from how their own energy use and choice of products can contribute to or reduce the global division of wildlife areas across the globe.

If you enjoy your hikes, camping trips, and forays into nature as an opportunity to get away from technology, then the examples above might not do too much to change your mind. However, there are a lot of people who are finding that responsible use of tech is helping them better appreciate their experiences in nature.

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