Bingo is a much more relaxed game. It is technically a form of gambling but the stakes and deposit amounts are so low that many do not even realise – play now.

The game of bingo is available at online casinos, places where players win large sums on slot games and poker. In other words, they win jackpots.

 So, does this mean that players can win jackpots whilst playing bingo? Let’s take a look.

How to win at bingo

The way to win in a game of bingo differs depending on what type of game you are playing but it usually boils down to this.

When a player manages to match a full line of numbers on their bingo card, they win a prize. If they match more than one line, they win a larger prize and so on.

If the player crosses off every single number, then they have achieved a full house, the best thing to get in a game of bingo. With this comes the largest prize of all, the jackpot.

So, does this mean that a player can win jackpots at bingo? Yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Deposit amounts

The reason that bingo is considered an act of gambling is because the player is required to make a deposit of real money in order to play. In return, the player will win real money if they do well.

However, the average deposit amount for a game of online bingo is around 20p. That is tiny. Now consider that to the average max deposit amount for a game of bingo sits at around £1 for a bingo card and you can see how low stakes the game is.

Compare these types of deposit amounts to other casino games. The max you can bet on a lot of slot games is up to or over £100. That could lead to a huge return should the player win.

With bingo players depositing such a small amount, the amount that they eventually win is never much over £10. Do you consider that amount to be a jackpot?

Now this is standard practice in most places but there are exceptions.

Bingo around the world

When playing bingo in the USA and some parts of Scandinavia, you will notice that these deposit amounts are a lot bigger than the average. It is a much more serious game and winnings can be in the millions. It’s rare but it happens.

These larger deposits mean that the jackpots are much higher. So what does this mean?


To sum up, yes it is completely possible to win a jackpot in a game of bingo. All you have to do is cross off all of your numbers. However, depending on where you are in the world, this overall jackpot tends to be a very small monetary amount.

So, yes, you can win a jackpot in a game of bingo. It just depends on how much you consider to be a jackpot.

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