As your business grows and the industry becomes increasingly frantic with every passing day, it can become all too easy for operations to slack slightly as the workload starts to feel overwhelming and employees start to feel depleted. Of course, growth should be a good sign for your business; the potential for more work means more profit, and that means you should be using your company’s newfound expansion to improve its operational processes and productivity in order to meet new demand.

It’s time for your business to forget the slack and get back on track. An over-strained business is a blessing in disguise, as there is potential for you to use this excess demand for your growth, unlike a business which feels underworked and unnoticed by its target market. Still, perhaps you haven’t quite figured out the balance yet. If your business needs help with regards to retaining focus and delivering every the customer demands in order to grow, then the following pieces of advice may give you some ideas.


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Create objectives

Everybody needs a goal to which they can strive. Your employees will grow restless and careless about their work if they feel as if they have no end objective within the company and no chance for growth. You need to keep your workforce engaged and focused by promising them the opportunity for success on an individual basis, rather than simply talking about how much they’re helping the company as a whole. People can feel undervalued if they aren’t rewarded on a singular level, and offering the opportunity for a bonus, time off work or even a promotion might just be the level of appreciation they were so desperately seeking.


Poor communication equals poor productivity. It’s as simple as that. Some workers may prefer to pursue projects on a solo basis, but your business is an interconnected network, and each component relies on every other component. You could look into the ever-popular DevOps movement, for example, as it might help reconcile the divide between teams in your business, such as developers and operations employees.

As a business owner, you should be constantly thinking about the ways in which different sectors of your business gel together to create one unified organisation. When you have some answers, you need to be encouraging better communication so that employees understand the links between their different sectors and try to help one another to the best of their ability.


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The industry is going to keep on growing and so is your business, as that’s the end goal of marketing and furthering your reach. It makes sense for your company to start adopting an adaptable approach in its overall business plan and style of operations. You can’t let productivity drop every time your company experiences growth because you and your team were unprepared for the increase in demand and the additional workload which comes with that. You could start to outsource work in order to cover the gaps you’re missing in a cost-effective and time-effective, such as administrative tasks.

Of course, as well as providing an avenue to help give your employees more time to do the serious work throughout the day, outsourcing can also be a great way to get an external perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of your company in order to monopolise on them. Perhaps your employees are incredibly driven and hard-working, but one small flaw within the business’ infrastructure has been affecting your workers and reducing productivity over recent weeks.

Loosen the grip

There’s a chance that productivity has reduced as a result of tension within the workplace. Employees may feel stressed or overworked, and the key to increasing productivity once again may simply be to reduce the pressure and find that balance between work and relaxation. People need to recharge, and your workers may not be doing that if they feel as if the demands of the entire business are resting on their shoulders. Different solutions will work better for certain companies than others, but flexible time and remote working could benefit certain employees.

With the knowledge that they aren’t constrained by a monotonous schedule, there’s a chance your employees will work far more efficiently if they have a little more freedom with regards to when or where they work. Of course, it’s important that you give this a trial run first to see if productivity improves or not. There are other ways to give your employees a bit of head clearance from the tension of the office; you could spruce up the break room and throw in a pool table or even a TV so that employees can properly relax during lunch.

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