In a world that is always increasing in technology, sometimes it’s hard to simply sit down to read. The days of going to a library and checking out a good book seem to be coming to an end. Part of the problem is that life is moving faster, that there's just no time. The other part is that there's always some new bright, flashy, and detailed tool or electronic toys coming out. People just aren’t as interested in a simple book. However, with reading apps becoming more widely available, there is no reason not to think you can’t pick up reading anytime and anywhere these days.

Reading Is Good For You

Reading from a young age truly can provide you with a much better life. Besides getting farther ahead in your endeavors and being generally more informed, there is so much more that being an avid reader can do for you. As UNB Facts states, there are more than enough reasons to look to reading as a necessary habit to get into. The after effects are tremendous: you will not only increase your overall intelligence, but you will also potentially have a longer, more successful life as well.

There is Always Time to Sneak in a Few Pages

The speed of our lives makes it difficult to sit back and take it easy any longer because society is so incredibly interconnected. Social media takes up a lot of time that could be better spent reading, but its siren song of up-to-the-minute news often distracts us from other things. Look closely at the way you spend your day. Notice all of the time you actually have, and what you might waste in a given day. Even when you're at work, perhaps you're wasting more time than you could even believe. With hours spent every day on social media websites, travel websites, checking the news multiple times over, or finding out the best gossip, there are minutes and even hours that are thrown out every single day.

The key to getting some reading time is simply finding the best means to read. If you have a phone or tablet, you can jump right back into your book and get in a few pages at any point. If you haven't downloaded an app yet, take the time to compare Nook with other eBook applications and accessories so you can instantly be ready to read. The right app means you can literally have your story back up in a few seconds. When you consider the amount of time wasted throughout the day, you could wind up getting in interesting stories, reading about new ideas, and being able to relax your mind regardless of where you are and what you do.

Stop Waiting Around and Always Have Something to Do

An interesting piece by the New York Times showed how people treat waiting. Aside from waiting in line for an airplane, or waiting on someone else to meet you, or waiting on an occasional meeting, you may be startled to realize just how much you spend waiting in general. You might be standing for five minutes while waiting for your coffee to be made. Chances are you'll have to wait in line at the bank, the grocery store, if you take public transportation, and even waiting for your date to arrive. Imagine if you were reading instead of just waiting. You could read in line at the store, on breaks at work, and during commercials while watching your favorite TV shows!

In short, if you could capture all of the hours you spend waiting each and every day, the minutes can literally add up to hours—all without having to make a change in your schedule. Instead of wasting all of that time, wouldn’t it make much more sense to put it to use? Even the slowest reader could pick up a few pages at a time, and it would slowly translate to a few books a year, a month, or even more. And, besides the gained knowledge from reading in general, you also have the ability to avoid feeling awkward as you simply wait and see time pass through your fingers. Don't waste that opportunity!

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, the truth is you have more than enough of it. You may not even realize it, but you waste far more of it than you can imagine. Whether you are spending it waiting, checking out mindless social media and other unimportant and non-crucial information, or you just want to feel like you are using your time wisely, you can’t get that time back once it is gone. Think about that the next time you get a few extra seconds, and start coming up with a plan to make the most of the limited time you have.

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