The music world is truly huge. With dozens of genres, anyone will be able to find music they can love. However, with so many choices, an individual can quickly feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start on his quest for new music. On the other hand, some who already know what music they like may find it difficult to find and connect with new music artists. These tips will outline numerous ways to use technological resources to enhance one’s music collection.

Search iTunes

One of the most popular music player downloads these days is iTunes by Apple. This music player allows users to search for and purchase any music they like. Individuals can choose from literally millions of songs. However, one benefit of iTunes of which some do not take advantage is the ability to see other artists that are similar to the artist that the individual has chosen. This function shows the individual what other users purchased after listening to a particular album and can greatly help introduce someone to new artists that they may love.

Join MySpace

MySpace, one of the older of the many online social networks, has a wonderful music community. Users are able to interact with other users who have similar tastes. This is basically the updated method of getting song and artist recommendations from friends and family. However, MySpace allows users to interact with thousands of music loving individuals around the world who they otherwise would never have met.

Play Internet Radio

Internet radio is another great utility available to music lovers. However, instead of simply choosing one station, individuals should pick an online radio player that plays music based on the user’s interests. Two of the most commonly used options include Pandora and Jango. With both of these options, the individual inputs a favorite song, artist or genre and the player than creates his personal radio station. As he listens to songs, he can give feedback to the player as to whether or not he wants to hear the song again. Oftentimes, Pandora and Jango will play songs or artists that are unfamiliar to the person, opening up some great new options for him.

Last.fm is another wonderful option that is similar to internet radio. However, Last.fm does much more than simply allow someone to listen to their own created radio stations. It also keeps track of all the music that the individual listens to through any media player to create a new personalized playlist filled with new songs and artists that are similar to the individual’s tastes.

Shazam a Song

Shazam is a great application that a person can put on his smartphone. The application is free and quite simple to use. Shazam is able to listen to a song and determine what the song is and who sings it. This is a great way to find a new artist when an individual is active. For example, oftentimes an unfamiliar song will begin to play in a restaurant or on the radio in the car.

Listen to the Top Forty

Listening to the Billboard Top Forty list each week is a great way to discover hot new tunes and artists. Once one discovers a new song, he may discover that he enjoys other songs by the same artist. Top Forty lists are played on a variety of radio stations, typically by genre. For example, there will be a Top Forty country list, pop list, religious list and so on.

Discover Songs That Friends Like

Spotify is another great program that makes use of social media such as Facebook to alert individuals to songs and artists that their friends enjoy. However, Spotify also offers other great features including access to multitudes of songs as well as the ability to enjoy these songs on mobile devices instead of just on personal computers.

Using personal computers, mobile applications and social networks is a great way to find new artists quickly. These programs are designed to be intelligent and to focus on music that an individual already likes to find new music that is similar. A music lover could try one, two or even all of these options to expand his current playlists.


Katelyn is a social media and entertainment blogger for BearShare.com’s free music downloads and contributes to a variety of music and entertainment blogs.

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