Walk with panache next to your uber-cool four-legged partner to turn the eyes of onlookers and maybe even some doggos. 

Dog parents love doting on their furry babies, be it giving in to those puppy eyes and feeding them your delicious ham sandwich or getting up early in the morning because their over-eager dog is doing zoomies on the bed. Every owner wants their fuzzy bundle of cuteness to look and feel perfect; here’s where the dog collars come into the picture. Initially, it may appear like a mundane purchase. However, the type of dog collar you choose is essential in maintaining your dog’s temperament and ensuring that they feel comfortable, aside from adding a bit of pizzazz to your dog’s attire. 

Dog collars are your best friend’s only attire, at least during summers, so a dog owner has to put in a lot of thought into making the best possible purchase for their dog. From durability, snug level to style quotient, there are a lot of factors to consider. Before you furrow your brows in exasperation, fret not as we have got you covered! Here we round up the best and most stylish collar styles for your dog that might even make humans drool:

1. Personalized Rolled or Flat Collars

The most widely used of all, flat collars fasten around your dog’s neck with either a buckle or a clip. While they may be your average Joe collars, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with them. These collars can come with various buckles and clasps in different styles, colors, and materials to best reflect the personality of your dog. From personalized engravings and embroidery to chic leather collars, you can find everything on the market. Besides being comfortable and easy to use, these trendy dog collars can also carry your dog’s ID alongside your contact details. Perfect for times when your fluffy monster makes a dash out of the gate to sniff some plants and wanders a bit too far.

2. LED Collars

The LED collar comes in multiple colors illuminated enough for a passing vehicle to spot your dog on the road. The bright lit collar makes your dog visible at night or in winters when there is low visibility, thus preventing any mishaps. Aside from its prominent safety feature, this collar looks super cool around your dog’s neck and can even be matched with an LED leash to complement it. It comes in various sizes to suit different breeds and is rechargeable via USB, with an on/switch that also comes with adjusting the lights to steady or flashing. So, what are you waiting for? Let your dog get the feel of having its Sunburn or Coachella with these savvy LED collars.

3. Smart Collar

The perfect culmination of technology and style, smart collars are a step ahead of your average dog collars and offer several hi-tech features to ensure your dog’s safety without compromising on its sleek look. These collars are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including GPS tracking, smartphone notifications, etc. They are also capable of monitoring your dog’s health and activity by calculating how much exercise your dog is getting and observing any behavioral changes in your pup. These high-end collars come in various attractive designs and colors to give your puppy the best of both worlds! They are also lightweight to ensure comfortability and waterproof if Bruno finds a puddle to fool around in.

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4. Bandana Dog Collars

Are you enthusiastic about a game and want your dog to cheer with you for your favorite team? The solution is easy: get your furry companion a bandana collar with the team’s colors to “sport” on his neck. Or picture this: you are wearing your favorite flannel shirt today and would like to get your dog something similar. Now, it’s possible, and you and your dog can look like best buddies with matching outfits! Bandana dog collars come in a wide variety of styles that you can buy in bulk and have one dog collar readily available for every occasion. Moreover, you can personalize these bandanas by adding your canine’s name or a pattern, making it a fun accessory.

5. Dog Harnesses 

If you are adventurous and like to bring your dog alone to your next hike or run, harnesses are a safer option as they put minimal pressure on the neck. Most of them are equipped with both front-clip and back-clip, to offer utmost convenience, especially for dogs who tend to pull. Dog harnesses come in various fabrics like nylon, soft mesh, padded, and multiple designs like 3D bones or patterns that you can personalize according to your taste. Be it large breeds like pitbull and golden retriever or small ones like pug and chihuahua; a dog harness gives your dog that classy edge.

In conclusion, there are three broad features to look for in a dog collar:

  • Suitability: It is pertinent to make sure that the dog collar you intend to buy is a perfect fit for your dog and isn’t either too tight or too loose for them, resulting in an uncomfortable situation for the dog and the owner. 
  • Texture and Design: Different types of dog collars are suitable for various breeds of dogs, depending on their size, fur, etc. Make sure to get one, keeping in mind your dog’s habits and nature to offer them adequate neck support. 
  • Style Quotient: Some elegance never killed anybody! Besides, the way your dog looks is an extension of yourself, so it’s better to go all-in for your adorable kid. Moreover, this is one of the few essentials your partner in crime wears 24×7!

You deserve a pat on the back and maybe a treat as well for looking out for your furry best friend. With this newly earned badge of a stylish paw-parent, other dog parents will surely “hound” you for the fashionably quirky dog collars—better brace yourselves for some serious tail wagging from your dog for this gift. 

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