It usually goes that nobody likes the boss. The boss is someone who people seem to fear. You have a status within your company that makes you untouchable. When you walk into the office all the chatter turns to a hum before coming to complete silence. Some business owners like this, they like the sense of power and the sense of fear that can be placed among employees. But we know that this is a dying tradition in offices. Instead, managers and business owners are aiming to become more at one with their employees. They want to feel as though they're part of the group and part of the office rather than being someone who only comes out when it's time to tell someone what to do or discipline. If you're yet to hire your own employees, or you know you have a reputation that you're trying to change, we're here to help. We're going to show you how you can become the boss that everyone loves. Keep on reading to find out more.

Change Your Persona

Your persona is probably the reason why your employees feel the way they do about you. If you're someone who brings a chill into the room everytime you walk in, you know it's time to change it. One way of doing so is to change the reason why you're going into the room. Don't go into the room to give negative feedback or to tell someone off. Walk in and start a conversation with your employees and ask them about their day or about their life. Start holding monthly individual meetings to check in on people and see how they are. Just changing the way you interact with your employees is going to change the way that they see you. The way you carry yourself is also going to make a difference. A stern face and walking around in a huff all of the time isn't going to make you approachable. 

A Reward System

Rewards are one of the best ways to get your employees to be happy with where they work. You don't have to be spending tons either, it can be something as simple as a grocery shopping voucher to make all the difference, learn more at GThankYou.com. Or it could be a team day out. This is a great team building sort of exercise at the same time. If you know your employees stick within their circles and don't mix much, it's a great way of bringing the team together as a whole. 

Become One With Your Employees

Finally, try and become one with the team and become a part of what they have to do during the day. Rather than hiding away in your office, spend some time in their section, or even move your office into their room. It's rare to find an office where the boss is working in the same room as the employees. The more time you spend around them in a normal working environment, the easier it's going to be to connect with them. 

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