Author - Wayne Dixon

I'm into anything technology related. I do some HTML/CSS/PHP development. I like to follow things that most people would find annoying or not worthwhile. I follow Apple, Microsoft, Google, The Cloud, cell phones and even programming. By Day I'm a Systems Administrator for a Library, which has it's own set of issues. Follow me on Twitter.

The Power of Media

Many of us take music for granted. It’s an always available piece of entertainment that has an almost unlimited supply. There are a plethora of different ways to get...

Dollar Shave Club

There are many things that can be bothersome to guys. Shaving can be one of these things. While the act of shaving may seem like a chore to some, the requirement to pay...

The Post Jobs-Era Apple

August 24th is a day which has historically been a significant day in Technology history. In 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95 to the public. Windows 95 is arguably the...