In most places, we rely on driving as our number one form of transportation. I don't live in a city that has sufficient public transportation that I can rely upon, and walking just isn't plausible for me. So therefore, without my car, I am almost one hundred percent immobile. I drive several times every day for extended periods of time, so the activity isn’t anything new. Lately, however, I’ve been thinking about just how little I think of driving safety on a regular basis.

Distracted Driving
Driving as much as I do, it is very easy for me to become a little too comfortable behind the wheel. I will often find myself daydreaming and not paying as much attention as I should to the road. The crazy thing is that when I stop to think about it, driving is one of the most dangerous activities I do on a regular basis. I really should be sure to invest my undivided attention to the road when I'm behind the wheel because it only takes a short moment of distraction for something to go wrong. And I'm not even talking about texting or talking on the phone while driving.

It's dangerous enough to be lost in thought or to be concentrating more on music than on the road. Imagine how much more dangerous it is when phone or even drug-use is added into the picture. I have just been thinking a lot lately about how driving isn’t taken seriously by too many individuals. Our culture has seen countless accidents caused by drunk drivers, drivers on their cell phones, drug use while driving, and other distracted drivers. The thing that angers me the most is that every accident caused by one of these reasons is an accident that absolutely could have been avoided without a doubt.

Driving Safety
We take precautions in mostly every aspect of our lives other than driving. We buy home alarm monitoring systems – I even signed up for a Kyle home security system myself. We are worried about the chance that someone else will come into our homes, but we are not nearly as concerned with putting our own life in danger by our own actions. I think it’s time that safe driving be taken seriously. If we would be responsible on the road, we could greatly reduce the number of injuries and deaths that have been needlessly inflicted on those around us.

About The Author: Rae Piazza is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Rae is also active on many social networking sites. Follow her on WordPressTwitter, & Poshmark!

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