Are you a good driver? 

Nobody likes to think of themselves as having bad driving habits, but we’ve all got them. Whether it’s driving when we’re too tired, speeding, tailgating, not using your indicators, or using your phone while driving, there will have been times when you’ll have done one or more of these things. 

When you started out driving, you’ll have had to prove your driving skills. You were probably bad habit free. But as your confidence, through the years, habits will have formed. 

Here are four of the most common bad driving habits and how you can avoid them.  


We’ve all been there. You need to be somewhere, and everything seems to conspire against you. You have to put your foot down, or you’ll be late. 

More than 3,100 fatal collisions each year are caused by exceeding the speed limit. 

But how can you get out of the habit of speeding? 

By planning your journies better, you will be able to eliminate the need to rush. Use a sat nav to get up-to-the-minute updates on traffic flow. 

Try your best to leave in plenty of time and allow for delays in your journey. If you have cruise control on your vehicle, try and use it whenever possible. 


Tailgating is a bad habit that is born out of frustration for other people’s driving style. Often, tailgaters will also speed. 

By driving too close to another driver, you’re putting yourself and everyone else on the road at risk. You’re lowering your space to react, and you cannot predict the hazards that other road users in front of you may have to deal with. 

By pushing other drivers to drive faster, you may be forcing them to drive in a way that they are either not comfortable to do, or are not able to. 

If you find that you’re getting frustrated with other drivers, try and see things from their point of view. If you can learn to empathize with other road users, then you may find that you become calmer. 

Using Your Phone While Driving 

You may only check your texts for a couple of seconds while driving, but even taking your eyes off the road momentarily could mean that you miss a hazard or greatly reduce your reaction time. 

If you are using your phone while driving, you should pair it to your in-car stereo system. Ensure that you have it set up so that you can use voice commands, and put your phone in a cradle where you don’t need to touch it.  

Not Using Your Indicators

A very common habit that many motorists fall foul of is not using their indicators. But by doing this, you’re putting other drivers in danger. 

Indicating is not just a matter of courtesy; it is something that could keep you and other drivers safe. 

Indicating in plenty of time will allow other motorists to react to whatever you are planning on doing next. 

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