It’s no secret how many non-profit organisations there are around the world, and it is no secret to the good they’re doing. Even ones that are going through a bit of a struggle with the press at the minute, such as Oxfam, are still doing so much good in the world even if we don’t realize. But the question we’re asking here today is this, are they actually changing the world? Non-profit organisations are ones that are supposed to make no profit from the money we give them, they should be using things such as sponsorships to get their money, so how is our money actually being spent and what changes to the world are being made? Let’s explore.


Research is one of the biggest areas for established non-profit organisations. One of the biggest has to be cancer research. There is so much money being pumped into the research, and lately we’re seeing a few more results than we have in the past. The fact that it is a multi million dollar industry has people thinking their money isn’t going where they think it should. Everyone is adamant that a cure should have been found by now. But these negative views shouldn’t set our minds on the wrong path. Without the research that is being carried out we wouldn’t be where we are today in terms of treatments and the survival rate of cancer patients. So yes, in this area, research is changing the world, and we believe in the future more big changes will happen in the fight against cancer.


There are plenty of non-profit organisations pushing for democracy all around the world. It is hard for people like this to get funding, but there are schemes such as the National Endowment for Democracy that are pumping money into smaller non-profit organisations that are helping to balance democracy around the world. Now, it is no secret that the world we live in is in slight turmoil at the minute. There is so much going on between different countries that it is hard to know whether we’re changing the world with this one. But what we do know is that we’d be far worse off if we didn’t have them. They’re bring democracy between countries that might not have had it without the help, this democracy is essential to the future of our world, let alone the future of countries.

Humanitarian Aid

This is one where we know we’re making a big change. Again, despite the recent scandals, we shouldn’t be put off donating to organisations that are changing the world in this area. The recent Oxfam scandal meant the loss of other 7,000 donors within the first week, that’s so much money they’re losing that is vital to the work they do. Without it, countries won’t continue to have fresh running water, food, and infact a lack of conflict. There are so many different organisations that are running different campaigns. One of the biggest at the minute is the humanitarian aid being given to third world countries in conflict such as Syria

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