China's logistics industry is arguably the best performing sectors in the world. Over the last decade, the sector has rapidly grown and promoted world-renowned logistics companies to provide excellent services to their clients. Moreover, the growth of China's logistics industry has resulted in the creation of millions of job opportunities for skilled professionals like software developers, web developers, and other tech specialists. The above notion is confirmed by the noteworthy success of JD Logistics, a China-based logistics firm that was launched in early 2007.

JD Logistics is one of the best-performing logistics companies in China. For over thirteen years, the company has continuously improved its services resulting in remarkable growth and increased revenue. Recently, JD Logistics embarked on a serious mission geared towards improving its e-commerce processes. The company's commitment resulted in a serious strategic partnership with the renowned European Pallet Association e.V (EPAL). The partnership will promote a close work relationship between the two companies.

Well, strategic business partnerships are mainly geared towards promoting growth and expansion processes. In most cases, businesses and companies forming a partnership intend to see specific results by the end of the partnership. This is affirmed by the strategic partnership that was formed by JD Logistics and EPAL. JD Logistics reached out to the European Pallet Association, focusing on maximizing the company's e-commerce platform to improve its logistics services. The partnership saw JD Logistics becoming the first e-commerce online platform that has been authorized to utilize the European Pallet Association's pallets. It gave room for JD Logistics to enjoy a range of services resulting from the increased distribution of EPAL's pallets in China.

Interestingly, the partnership formed between the two companies is expected to bear more fruits and help to improve China logistics industry. With the increased distribution of EPAL's pallets, JD Logistics is looking forward to maximizing JD Cloud Box's platform to provide better services to its clients in China and other nations. Through the partnership, the company will leverage JD Cloud's logistics transaction platform to access comprehensive real-time information and enjoy a range of services, among them leasing and repair services. This will be a viable solution that will promote continuous improvement of JD Logistics' services. Moreover, the process will promote the increased efficiency in the manufacturing and distribution of EPAL's pallets in China.

Why EPAL but not any other logistics platform in China? Well, EPAL has curved a name to be the leading open pooling platform for logistics carriers. Established in 1991, EPAL has an excellent track record in distributing load carriers globally. The company is responsible for all the licenses given to producers and repairers worldwide. It has a committed team of industry experts who work closely with producers and repairers worldwide. Within its tenure in the China logistics industry, the company has given over 1,500 licenses to trusted producers and repair workers in 30 countries. The company's track record motivated JD Logistics to form a business partnership that will see continuous improvement of the logistics sector.

Bottom Line

China's logistics industry is expected to see more growth and advancements in the near future. The remarkable partnership formed between JD and EPAL will promote sustainability within China's supply chain. Moreover, the partnership will help JD Logistics to maximize EPAL's platform to raise the standards of the logistics sector.

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