What first comes to mind when you hear the brand name Sanrio? I’m pretty sure most of you would immediately think of Hello Kitty—the fun-loving cat who also adores the color pink. However, there’s another popular Sanrio character that I’m certain you are familiar with as well.  And yes, I am talking about Keroppi or Kerokerokeroppi!

In today’s article, I will list some interesting facts about Keroppi to give you more information about our beloved Sanrio’s frog boy. So without any further delays, let’s begin…

All Interesting Facts About Kerokerokeroppi! 1

Keroppi is siblings with a triplet

First and foremost, Keroppi is part of a triplet along with his brother Koroppi and sister Pikki. Koroppi is the youngest among the triplets. Due to their likeness, he is often mistaken for Keroppi. Also, he is known as Curtis in North America. On the other hand, Pikki is primarily portrayed as the character that assists with their mother’s restaurant. She is also known as Kevin (yes, it’s a she) in American versions of the anime. Lastly, Keroppi has a baby brother named Kokero. 

He Loves Baseball

Baseball is a celebrated sport in Japan alongside football. In fact, you’d find that almost every household in the country owns a baseball set. Thus, it’s not surprising to see that they have incorporated such culture in their art, like anime. The first episode of the program featuring baseball is titled “Let’s Play Baseball.” It was the third episode and first season of Keroppi and Friends, which aired on July 21, 1992.

Keroppi’s Last Name is Hasunoue

Kerropa, the triplet’s father, is a doctor that is able to heal everyone who approaches him. On the other hand, Keroma, Keroppi’s mother, is a very good cook and owns a family restaurant. Keroppi’s other family members include Kerojee (Keroppi’s grandfather) and Kerobah (Keroppi’s grandmother). He also has a little cousin that was also featured on the program named Chippi, who loves strawberries.

He was Born on July the 10th 

Keroppi is said to have been born on the “edge of Donut Pond” on July the 10th. Now, the pond is pictured as an area where a wooden bridge can be seen that connects their island to the center of the city. Although there was no official year of his birth, Keroppi was created by Sanrio in 1987. Thus, it makes him about 34 years old this year.

Keroppi has a Girlfriend

You may not be aware of it, but Keroppi has a girlfriend named Keroleen. Her birthdate is on January 21st, and she first appeared on the “Let’s Play Baseball” episode as a part of Keroppi’s team. She is characterized by her brown hair and yellow pigtails with red bows. Keroleen is sweet but can sometimes be a little sassy. However, she is portrayed as a peacemaker and likes to cook like Kerropi’s mother and collects clothes.

Keroppi Merchandise is Popular Across the Globe

Hello Kitty isn’t the only prominent brand merchandise of Sanrio. The brand started its line of merchandise in 1974. As you might have already known, Hello Kitty is their number one bestseller. And its next top-grossing merchandise is Keroppi. Although it isn’t as popular, the Kero Keroppi brand is equally successful in its own rights. You may probably see the image of the fun-loving frog on bags, lunch boxes, stickers, school supplies, and the list goes on. Check out the highlighted link if you’re looking for quality and variation of Keroppi paraphernalia.

All Interesting Facts About Kerokerokeroppi! 2

Final Thoughts

Keroppi is a very well-known anime from Japan that has taken the world by storm in the late 80s. Although it is secondary to Hello Kitty, it is a character that can definitely give you joy and rekindle the child in you, especially if you grow up watching its anime series. Well, I believe that’s just about it! I hope today’s topic has somehow enlightened you on some interesting facts about Keroppi and love Sanrio’s frog bog character even more.

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