Nursing is an interesting field in that you can both have a great job that will make you a fine living wage, and also have a job where you will help people each and every day. A nurse gets to both do good for others and to do well for themselves and their family just by being doing well at their job!

To get the best possible nursing position, an individual needs to take the time to get a good education first. Contrary to commonly held misconceptions, nurses are vital, active parts of any medical staff, and in fact it is nurses who perform most the vital duties for patients. On a given day, it is the nursing staff of a hospital or clinic who will attend to most of the needs of the patients, so the training a nurse receives is crucial to the overall well being of those served by any medical community. And the most trusted nurses on the staff of a given medical community are those who have taken the time and put in the effort to become RNs, or Registered Nurses.

Getting that RN certification shows to the world that you are a motivated, intelligent, and capable person who has put in the time and effort to achieve a level of training and experience where you are officially certified as a Registered Nurse. Thanks to the growing number of great online programs, you can achieve your RN certification or complete an online MSN degree (a Masters of Science in Nursing) much faster than previous generations of aspiring RNs, who had to attend all their training courses and seminars in person. With an online MSN or RN program, you can make your education schedule fit your life's schedule, so you don't have to miss out on work, family responsibilities, or other aspects of your life that would potentially conflict with your training toward certification as an RN.

There are many reasons why some people would choose to secure an online MSN degree rather than go with an RN certification, but for most candidates, becoming a Registered Nurse is a better use of time and money than acquiring that MSN status. An MSN degree and training is only truly necessary for those who want to either become nurse educators, or for those who would rather be on the management side of a nursing staff. For the nurse who wants to practice active, hands-on medicine and work directly with patients, becoming a certified RN is by far the better route to pursue. An RN is a highly marketable commodity, and can find a job with any reputable healthcare facility with staffing positions available.

If it has always been your dream to get a great job that will put you in direct contact with patients, then becoming a Registered Nurse is your fastest, surest path to achieving that goal. An online MSN degree is a great option for those who want to be in the classroom or sitting at a manager's desk, but a certified RN is the one who is working right there at the bedside if those who most need medical care.

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