Boxing is a fighting sport in which there are two players, and both of them are pinned opposite to each other. Both of them have boxing gloves in their hands, and they are supposed to aim punches at each other for a limited time. All of these take place within a boxing ring.

It is essential to do the right workouts to achieve the perfect body for boxing. Boxing demands rigorous practice accompanied by a good workout session. The procedure is neither very easy nor very hard. Here is a comprehensive program of a boxing workout.

  • Warming up process

For the warm-up process, you need to do three rounds of running and using the jump rope and three rounds of the Shadowbox. You also need to do some stretching exercise as they are accommodating.

  • The workout process

The workout process includes:

  1. Three rounds of focus mitts with the trainer
  2. Three rounds of punching heavy bags
  3. Three rounds of punching speed bags
  4. Three rounds of punching double end bags
  5. Three rounds of shadowboxing
  6. Three rounds of sparring
  7. Three rounds of conditioning workout like plyometrics, Tabata exercises, resistance training, etc.
  • Warming down process

For warming down, you need to do a hundred push-ups, hundred sit-ups, and a hundred crunches. You also need to do some stretches so that you do not get any cramp in your body.

Some of the best exercises that help in boxing are:

  • Sparring method

No other activity can be better than sparring. It is the perfect exercise that trains a boxer in the best way. It uses all the boxing techniques. It helps in getting better punches. Sparring is even better than any boxing training.

Here you use every muscle of yours. All the muscles of the body get worked up in jumping and twisting. In this way, you will be able to answer all the moves of your opponent.

  • Hitting the Mitts and its advantages

This form of exercise can be very helpful in learning new techniques in boxing. You will be able to defend better. Hitting the mitts can be fun, and you will be able to create new punching moves for yourself.

The advantage of hitting mitts is that you will get to practice with a prop that will hit you back. So it will give the effect of real-time boxing, and you will get more accurate in your timing.

  • Hitting the double-end bag

A double-end bag is neither a heavy bag nor a speed bag. It is somewhere in between. It is beneficial in improving the speed of the hand and the arm conditioning.

  • Shadowboxing  

It helps in improving the speed, form and the balance of the body. It conditions the body to punch faster and also helps in various fighting moves.

  • Jump rope

It makes the muscles more efficient. It also helps the muscles in relaxing.

It is the best workout routine that you can follow to become a good boxer. Any professional can start with these advanced training of boxing.

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