Adoption: Need or Option? 2Parents who are trying to have a baby and couldn’t succeed fear of the fact that they could be the ones who won’t be blessed with children. In fact this is probably the most heartbreaking news for such couples. There are two major options to get out of this depression of not being blessed.

  • The first is to stop thinking about having a baby and pursuing a future which does not include children.
  • The second is to think about adoption.

For many parents, adoption can be a blessing. But for the rest it might not just be a need. Sometimes it might be an option due to social obligations.

So, it’s up to you to decide it’s a need or option for you?

There are various couples who adopt children to get them out of foster care so that they can give them a home and a better life. There are also various single people along with same sex couples who choose the option to adopt a baby. People not only adopt because they need to, they also adopt because they have that option open to them.

The entire process of adoption can be quite time consuming. You can do so by simply contacting an adoption agency which is licensed. You can even get a lawyer and get the entire process of adoption done privately.

Sometimes people even opt to adopt older children, who are presently in child care. But, irrespective of whom, you want to adopt and where you want to adopt, a licensed lawyer is always necessary.

You must also keep in mind that when you adopt a new born baby you have two options in hand.

  • The first is a closed adoption where the birth parents cannot stay in touch with the baby.
  • The second is an open adoption where the parents are allowed to keep in touch with the child.

The terms for these, need to be worked out between you as well as the birth parents.

One needs to keep in mind that putting a baby up for adoption is extremely difficult for a birth mother as she is going with the option of giving life to the baby and then getting the baby adopted. This may be a reason that sometimes the birth parents want to keep in touch with the baby.

When it comes to adoption, there is exactly no loss in the process. If a birth mother chooses to give up her baby then she is at peace with the decision she is making. She will know that her baby is going to get a good life and will be cared. It also helps the adoptive parents since they can get their dreams of having a baby.

There are two kinds of adoptions:

  • Domestic Adoption
  • International Adoption

Although the cost of international adoption is a lot more than domestic adoption as it includes various other expenses like traveling to a different country, etc.

If you are set on adopting children from a different country then you can simply do so. But one should keep one thing in mind that the entire process of adoption is going to take a lot of time, patience and money as well. It takes a lot of time to get the entire paperwork done. But then in the end, the entire wait will be worth it when you manage to take your child home for the very first time. So even though adoption can be termed as a need in some cases and option in some other cases. So you can call it either way but in the end it brings happiness for both the families because a living being manages to get a good home and upbringing.

About the author: Alia Haley is a writer who loves to blog on parenting and health portal. She frequently writes for parenting sites and her articles mostly focuses on toddlers’ world including baby bare, baby colic, baby feeding tips etc.

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